• A Near Perfect End To Summer: Jazz Fest 2018

    97 boats in 12 divisions lined up on the 1st day of September for the annual ride up to Benicia known
    officially as the Jazz Cup. Mutually hosted by the South Beach Yacht Club and the Benicia Yacht Club, the Jazz Cup
    is the unofficial end of summer party circuit regatta that brings out the serious racers and reluctant friends and family
    that may not appreciate the cold wind, cold water and rough conditions of the central bay in classic mid summer conditions.

    This year offered a nice mix of good breeze at start with just a short beat to the weather mark, generous reaching conditions
    across the slot in flat flood conditions and steady wind through the North Bay, San Pablo Bay and shifty winds in the Carquinez Strait.

    A fast race with lead boats arriving just after 14:00 and almost all the boats in by 16:00 giving racer plenty of time to relax and enjoy
    the warm sun in Benicia and a surprise 3.3 magnitude quake to stir the drinks with no straws needed....

    Dan Alvarez and Greg Nelsen double handing the JS 9000 The Death Spear starboard Mark Kennedy's Flying Tiger F10 Cento Miglia
    near the Bothers. Death Spear would win the monohulls outright, completing the 26 nm race in 02:58:15
    Cento would take div X with a time of 03:15:08

    Paul van Ravenswaay's J 24 Feral Rooster took div F

    With his crew clinging on the edge of disaster, Gordie Nash took Div H with room to spare
    on the Mull/Nash hybrid Arcadia

    The student vs the teacher battle continues... Paul Sutcheck aboard Slainte reeled in Rich von Ehrenkrooks Can o' Whoopass
    at point San Pablo after spotting a sizable lead early on, but got a bit too aggressive and banged into him twice, forcing a couple
    360's to clear himself. The finished 1-2 in div E

    Craig Page's C&C 33 Kuda Wuda came out of nowhere to win a very competitive div Q

    Joel Turnel's Moore 24 Firefly took div G by 3:04 over fellow Moore 24 Topper II

    In div U, the small multi's, Evan McDonald's Greyhound was the fast pooch in the parade

    The quickest boat of them all, Alan O'Driscoll's D-cat HMB Boys and Girls Club ran the course in 02:04:40,
    to take div B

    Mike Devries Wilderness 30 Special Edition was more special than Hank Easom's Serenade, by 22 seconds to claim Div K

    Bob Novy's custom Frers 40 Jeanette won the 4 boat div R

    Other winners, Dorian McKelvy's J-111 Madmen won div T,

    Bob Walden's Cal 39 Sea Star won div jJ by 2 seconds over
    Joan Byrne's borrowed Olson 911s MIST...


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