• The Battles Continue In Porto Cervo

    MOMO and H20 unbeaten after day four of Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup
    International Maxi Association press release from Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup - Issued 6 September 2018

    Two thirds of the way through the 2018 Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup and Rolex Maxi 72 World Championship, some stand-out boats are revealing themselves. Dieter Schön’s MOMO is so far unbeaten and looking highly likely to defend her title in the Rolex Maxi 72 World Championship. In Mini Maxi Group 2, the class of smallest boats competing here in Porto Cervo, Riccardo de Michele’s Vallicelli 80 H20 also holds a perfect scoreline after four races at this, the pinnacle event in the maxi yacht calendar, run by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in conjunction with the International Maxi Association, the official body that oversees and promotes maxi yacht racing globally.

    Today it was the turn of the two Mini Maxi classes to sail two windward-leewards on a southeasterly-orientated course laid due east of Porto Cervo. The remainder sailed a coastal course this time to the south of Porto Cervo around the islands of Soffi, Mortorio and Mortoriotto, a short race compared to previous days, to ensure the boats would be tied up back in Porto Cervo before the arrival of a squall, due late afternoon.

    In both Mini Maxi classes, there were double winners. In addition to H20, Roberto Lacorte’s powerful looking Mark Mills-designed Vismara 62 SuperNikka claimed both races under IRC in the bigger Mini Maxi class and now holds a commanding lead ahead of the Swan 601 Lorina 1895.

    “It was a real pleasure to race with my guys today because there were two technical windward-leewards and we learned a lot about how SuperNikka is faster in all conditions - the first race was in 9-12 knots, the second in 12-15 and different sea states - the waves higher in the second race, making it harder to steer.” Lacorte was especially pleased with how SuperNikka performed upwind.

    Benoit de Froidmont, who at this evening’s AGM was appointed the new President of the International Maxi Association, finished third in today’s opening race aboard his Wally 60 Wallyño. “The first race was very good - we had a very good start and we did our best, but it is difficult to beat SuperNikka, which is a completely different boat. We are happy – we have been sailing very well and the crew is extremely efficient,” said de Froidmont.

    Behind MOMO, today it was the turn of Dario Ferrari’s Cannonball to claim second place ahead of Peter Harrison’s Sorcha. Overall the Italian boat holds second in the Maxi 72 Worlds ahead of George Sakellaris’ Proteus.

    “For us it is tough to try and have a good result against a boat which is a little faster than you and which is taking you over layline to make your life more difficult…” bemoaned Cannonball’s tactician Vasco Vascotto. “But this is part of the game and we are waiting for them to make some mistakes.”

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    Further down the field Sir Peter Ogden’s Jethou got off to a good start today and was third around the top mark. “We got overtaken by Cannonball because they dared to go closer to rocks than us,” Ogden recounted. “Then in the last part Proteus rolled us, then we rolled them and then we did something like 30 tacks and we held them off. I thought we’d come up with some new tactics the other day which was: Less tacks and less sail changes. But they took absolutely NO notice! It was a really enjoyable day out, a really good regatta, good fun – I love it.”

    In the Wally class newbie sailor Chinese Canadian Terry Hui aboard his Wally 77 Lyra, made it three bullets in a row, having won both of yesterday’s windward-leeward races. Hui, competing in his first ever regatta here, now holds a commanding lead among the Wallys with Sir Lindsay Owen-Jones’ Magic Carpet Cubed second and first of the trio of powerful Wallycentos, where today Lebanese American Charif Souki's Tango beat David M. Leuschen's Galateia.

    Helming Tango is veteran French America’s Cup and offshore skipper Marc Pajot. “We had a good day. The first beat is very important and, with our three boats fighting very close to each other, we decided to go right and Magic Carpet was left and finally was the only boat ahead of us.

    “Today the small boats were incredible,” Pajot continued. “As there are only two boats [the Wally 77s] they don’t do too many tacks.” The other Wally 77, J One of Jean-Charles Decaux finished third today.

    In the Maxi class, George David’s Rambler 88 always romps around the course over the horizon from the opposition, but has yet to win a race at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup this year. Today Massimiliano Florio's Southern Wind 82, Grande Orazio finished first under IRC corrected time ahead of the former My Song, now Argentinean Miguel Galuccio's Vera, on which Volvo Ocean Race legend Bouwe Bekking is calling the shots. “We have a good Italian team - they are very passionate and with Bouwe’s knowledge and way of organising things, we are coming along. It is fantastic venue and a fantastic race,” said Galuccio.

    Again in the Supermaxi class the podium was exclusively J Class. Unfortunately at the start a race management error caused Topaz to be called over early when it was in fact Velsheda. Post-racing Topaz was awarded a time compensation for this, that causing them to take the joint race win with Svea, leaving Velsheda third.

    “We weren’t over the line - Velsheda came smoking on in and was the one that was,” explained Topaz’s helmsman Peter Holmberg. “Otherwise it was a good race. Our team is doing a great job pushing the boat as hard as we can. Manoeuvre-wise all the boats did a couple of gybe-sets today so that was a real challenge for the crew work, and we saw some great work out here. We can run out of hydraulic power in those manoeuvres so it is very hard to do it right – like an orchestra.”

    This evening crews are all licking their lips with large black clouds brewing to the west and the prospect of sailing in Mistral conditions tomorrow in 15-20 knots or as much as 25 knots according to which forecast you believe. The Maxi 72s will return to racing windward-leewards as the rest will sail coastal courses.

    Report by James Boyd / International Maxi Association


    The winners of the fourth day are Momo, Lyra, Svea, Grande Orazio, Supernikka and H2O

    Porto Cervo, 6 August 2018. Fourth day of racing at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup & Rolex Maxi 72 World Championship, an event organized by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda with the support of the International Maxi Association and the Title sponsor Rolex. The fleet has carried out a 22.1-mile coastal regatta with wind from the south-east to stretch up to 12/14 knots with a route that has led it to dubbed the islets of Soffi and Mortoriotto and then return to Porto Cervo to the lasco. after shooting a buoy offshore. The Mini Maxi fleet has played two stick trials that saw the reconfirmation of Supernikka in Group 1 and H2O in Group 2. With the exception of Super Maxi, where the classification is very short,

    Among the Maxi 72 continues the dominance of Momo, today author of the fourth victory over four trials. However, the German boat had to fight to the last with the English Sorcha, managing to pass only in sight of the finish line thanks to a call from the tactician Marcus Wieser who anticipated the jibe at the right time. Second place for Cannonball who recovered during the test passing Sorcha, third at the finish line, with a similar choice to Momo. Vasco Vascotto, tactician on Cannonball, analyzed the situation: "We are in a somewhat awkward position, we have to fight Momo and defend ourselves from the other opponents, Momo is fighting only against us today. but we know that we will have to improve for the future. Our direct opponent presented himself more prepared in terms of speed and we are learning the lesson. As in all things, when someone teaches you something, if you're clever you learn it otherwise you blame someone else for your mistakes. "

    Total domination, with a hat-trick, for the Wally 80 Lyra clearly in command of the Wally Class with a total of only 5 points, less than half of its pursuer in second place, Magic Carpet Cubed author today a perfect race, but not enough to scratch the dominance of Lyra.

    In the Super Maxi class, the day's victory went to the J-Class Svea with the former Luna Rossa skipper Francesco De Angelis and Ken Read in the cockpit, third in the general classification behind the J-Class Topaz and Velsheda, all enclosed in space of 4 points. The International Jury granted Topaz a repair for an OCS that was incorrect, so the boat was awarded the first position it would have obtained if it did not have to return from the starting line.

    With today's first place, the Southern Wind 82 Grande Horace is confirmed at the helm of the Maxi class in front of Vera and Rambler 88. Lorenzo Bortolotti, tactician on Grande Orazio: "Today we had to confirm our position and we did it, we started quite aggressive , trying to get the right side of the field, more favorable, the race was pretty easy, the boat was very good, we have a run-in crew that did not miss a single maneuver, when the crew 'turns' and the boat walks, even for the tactic it becomes easier, but there are still two races and the games are open, we respect our opponents a lot, in particular Vera - ex My Song - a boat with a great crew with a valuable crew driven by sailors caliber of Bouwe Bekking and Michele Regolo.It's the beauty of this event! "

    Among the Mini Maxi 1, SuperNikka's leadership is not in question, while behind him Lorina 1895 rises to second place at the expense of Wallyño, third. In Division 2 H2O is always to rule with four first on four trials in front of Shirlaf, second, and Lunz Am Meer third.

    As scheduled the regattas will resume tomorrow at 11.30 with Mistral forecasts with gusts at 20 knots. For the Maxi 72 Class, stick tests are scheduled while the other classes will be engaged in a coastal race. The crews will meet as usual in piazza Azzurra for the daily weather briefing by Quantum Sails at 9.00 am.


    Winners of the third day of the race in their respective classes are Momo, Velsheda, Lyra, Vera, Oscar 3 and H2O

    Porto Cervo, 5 September 2018. The third day of the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup & Rolex Maxi 72 World Championship saw a light wind from the eastern quadrants that allowed the Wally Class to carry out two offshore tests in Porto Cervo, while the remaining ones five classes completed a 34-mile coastal regatta, reduced to 31 for the Mini Maxi, which brought the yachts to circumnavigate the islands of Caprera and La Maddalena.

    The event is organized by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda with the support of the International Maxi Association and the Title sponsor Rolex.

    At 11:30 am, with a wind of about 8 knots and flat sea, the regatta committee started the starting procedure for the Maxi 72 class, the fastest boats, which were followed by the other categories in which the fleet is divided of over 40 yachts. For everyone, the first upwind side was fundamental until the disengagement buoy, characterized by oscillations and wind holes. If initially it seemed favorable to the right-hand start, it was then a wind blow to the left, associated with a drop on the 6 knots, to favor the boats that had chosen to edge on that side. In all the classes, those who knew how to turn the disengagement in a favorable position then benefited from a day's victory.

    In the field of stick trials, where today the Wally Class raced, the starting procedure was postponed at 11.50 am waiting for the wind to stabilize from 85 degrees with a light intensity, 6 knots, enough to conclude the two tests scheduled by the program with a double Lyra that is clearly leading to the provisional general standings ahead of two Wallycento, Magic Carpet Cubed and Tango, now the author of a good second place in Race 3. This test has also seen two different boats, Magic Carpet Cubed and J One, arrive fourth with the exact same time offset: for this reason the ranking has credited them with 4.5 points each. Curiously, J One was the first of three Magic Carpets launched by Sir Lindsay Owen-Jones.

    Among the Maxi 72 continues the dominance of the German yacht Momo, which is successfully defending the title of champion conquered last year, author of three first on three tests. Second position today for the American Proteus whose tactician, the Italian Tommaso Chieffi, perfectly understood the wind blowing on the left during the first bowline. Third place for Sorcha. Michele Ivaldi, navigator on board of Momo, summed up the good result: "Even today we have made the right choices that have rewarded us: from the choice of the sails to be loaded to the number of people on board, two members remained on the ground not to burden with light wind and I think it was good to do so.After a good start, the best was Cannonball,

    Among the Super Maxi wins Velsheda leading the provisional standings on equal points with Topaz, another J-Class, today second. Peter Holmberg, helmsman of Topaz, commented: "We sailed well and we left no stone unturned, but we had a problem with the mainsail haul 5 minutes before the start, so we started in recovery and when Velsheda is in front we do not succeed to pass it unless they make a mistake.We made a change of staple and managed to earn something, but it was not enough.In the next few days more wind is expected, so we can test our boat with a more important breeze. ".

    In the Maxi class, victory of the day for Vera - ex My Song - of the Argentinian Miguel Galluccio assisted in the cockpit by the veteran skipper of the VOR, Bouwe Bekking and the laserist Michele Regolo. In the general classification he holds the command of the Southern Wind 82 Grande Orazio of the partner YCCS Massimiliano Florio.

    Among the Mini Maxi 1 is still at the top of the Supernikka ranking, today second, ahead of Wallyño, but the day's victory is of Oscar 3 of Aldo Parissotto, tactic the new world champion J / 24 Andrea Casale: "With this victory of day we climb from fifth to third, sailing here in Porto Cervo is always special, the wind is channeled between the islands and opens up many opportunities to be exploited tactically found only here.The first buoy of disengagement was decisive then the rest was a fight to get closer to the fastest opponents in real time by exploiting our potential on the lasers in condimeteo today with the medium-light wind, ideal for our hull ".

    In the Mini Maxi 2 division, the dominance of H2O by Riccardo De Michele continues, still first in front of the Swan 65 Shirlaf of Giuseppe Puttini, who is also today the author of an excellent second place. Lorenzo Bodini, tactician on H2O: "The first day there were our conditions and we won with a narrow margin, today with less air was more difficult but we managed to limit the number of maneuvers. final stage of the regatta has expanded the gap with our pursuers and we managed to conquer another first place.Today we will have the stick races, we have studied how to perform the major maneuvers required by this type of path, in this class the boats are from cruise and not equipped like those more oriented to the regatta ".


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