• St Tropez Shines In Autumn Light

    Small Sails »tomorrow ... It is a luminous gulf, harmoniously animated by a long residual swell, which today welcomed all of the immense and sumptuous fleet of Voiles de Saint-Tropez. Under a generous sun and a big azure sky, in a south-south-easterly wind going fresh, the three big groups in the running, Wally in front of Pampelonne, Moderns off the beach of Salins, and Classics inside Even from the Gulf, all were able to compete in dream conditions their respective races: bananas for the Wally, and large coastal triangle on the edge of the Gulf for the Classics, while the 5 IRC Modern Groups were taking off. The ability of the various race committees to anticipate the flip-flops offered the sailors all the possibilities to shine, whatever the pace. Jubilee Fife's fanfare launch for the Rolex Trophy!

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    The storm of the day before had, in its virulence, as cleaned the air of the gulf, and the 4,000 sailors of Voiles awoke this morning in the freshness and the limpidity of a renewed atmosphere, favorable to generate for the very many photographers accustomed to the veils, clichés close to the anthology. Stars among the stars, the 20 shots signed by the genius William Fife III began today their singular ballet, as part of the Jubilee Fife for the Rolex Trophy. With the swell hollow in places of more than 1.50 m, was added quickly a small chop in which came to stop the larger units. The 8- and 6-meter Bicycles thus managed to mingle their Aurique or Bermudian rigging for a long time with the elegant hulls of the big cutters. The wind was getting cooler as this still compact fleet was "freezing", to start a long triangle of about twenty miles towards the point of Issambres. All the boats did not fit in the same way with the swell-wave association, and the giant Cambria threw in the towel soon after the start, quickly imitated by Silhouette , the 8m designed by Fife in 1910, and returned to the port repair slight rigging damage.

    The favorites at the rendezvous at the Moderns Full board on the side of the Wally for which the day was particularly optimized with two beautiful rounds off the beaches of Pampelonne. We race in Saint-Tropez in the spirit of yachting, and also for the win, especially among those lords of the Gulf who have chained maneuvering with knives on courses built. The benefits of the day go to Lyra for the first run and Magic Carpet3 for the second. We were expecting a lot of jousting games promised by the IRC C, a group that brings together sailboats of about fifteen meters cut for the race and the performance like the TP 52 and other Swan 50. The favorites are at the rendezvous, and we already notice at the top of the "charts" the British TP 52 Gladiator(Tony Langley) who wins for a handful of seconds against Arobas French Gerard Logel. The winner of this very dense group in quality and quantity (32 boats) will be rewarded with the Edmond de Rothschild Trophy. Weak gaps and jousts very committed also in IRC D, between sailboats of 35 to 40 feet, dominated tonight by the Italian X 35 Foxy Lady (Giuseppe Gambaro).

    The "Small Sails" take place tomorrow WednesdayOne of the great novelties of the 20th edition of the Veil is child-sized: the first of the "Small Sails" will take place tomorrow Wednesday, October 3 at 14h and will compete in Optimist. With the inauguration of the new Pôle Voile Légère, the Nautical Society of Saint-Tropez has given the "the": to the Voiles de Saint-Tropez as elsewhere, it is necessary to prepare the succession and allow the children to forge memories which, more later, will push them to embark in turn on the most beautiful boats in the world, and will bring them back with delight on the water of the Tropez. This is the example that the SNST and its president, Tony Oller, want to show in this 20th edition, by organizing a friendly competition on Optimist entitled "Small Sails" open to the children of the Sailing School and to those of the participants. In the program, a regatta between the Light Sailing Pole of the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez, located in the Canoubiers Bay, and the port of Saint-Tropez. The fleet, which could gather between 15 and 20 competitors, will leave the cove to come to turn a mark located in the middle of the port, before returning to the pontoons of the nautical center. For the record, this competition is open to children of the Sailing School and those of the participants until the age of 12 years.

    In Brief Daniel Scotto's friends Daniel Scotto Di Perrotolo is more than just a Marseillaise figure. He is in the small world of the construction and renovation of old yachts, a legend. This marine carpenter seems to master the techniques and knowledge in use more than 140 years ago. He, with Marc Frilet and other enthusiasts, presided at the resurrection of the famous Houari Marseillais, Alcyon 1871, which continues to dazzle the sailors and sailors and enthusiasts of these fast sailboats less than 15 meters, hero of a true saga of the late 19th century, when this fleet of sailboats overflowing intensely regatta from Sète to San Remo, fabulous Parisian objects, and already, of a frank and cordial rivalry with the British sailboats. Daniel will be thanked, honored, celebrated, tomorrow dock Jean Jaurès, on the port of Saint-Tropez, from 18 hours by all the skippers and owners with whom he worked.

    They said ... Odile Boye-Carré, photographer"What a sublime day. A real emotion! accustomed to the Sails, I have rarely seen such a sight in the gulf, with that sunken swell which sometimes seemed to engulf the hulls of the boats, and these sheaves of immaculate white foam, when the bows come to strike the wave. A happiness for photographers! "
    Bill Jayson son of Dick Jayson, historic initiator of Nioulargue " It's so good to be here! This first day of Sails was fantastic, with a cocktail of wind conditions, sea, sky and sun absolutely extraordinary. The modern and classic sailing boats have been highlighted in the most magnificent way ... "

    Pierre Paul Heckly, President of the Yacht Club de France from 2008 to 2013, dies. " It is with sadness that we learn of the passing of our friend Pierre-Paul Heckly. The Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez sends its sincere condolences to his family and loved ones. Tony Oller, President of the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez Extraordinary Yachts Chinook vs Rowdy ... From its original name Pauline , Chinook is the first of a series of 12 sailboats signed Nathanael Herreshoff which will be born at the dawn of the 20s. Until the thirties, they will know their hour of glory on the east coast of the United States, benefiting from certain facilities throughout the years. Chinookwas built in 1916 at the Herreshoff yard in Bristol, Rhode Island, for a certain Oliver Jenning from New York. After various changes of ownership, its name changed from Pauline , Banshee and Chinook in 1929. Only his now famous mainsail number, NY48, never changed. Chinook sails happily in the Mediterranean, and will face this week another wonder signed Herreshoff, Rowdy , NY 49 rigged in Bermudian sloop.

    Will Falcon be on the Veil? Newcomer to Sails, Falcon , Fife plan built in 1930 in Fairlie at the same time as his sister ship Fulmar, was one of the fastest Class8 MJ yachts of its era. After having sailed for a long time in North America, it was restored at Fairlie in 2011, and now runs in the Mediterranean. The International Gauge, or metre rule, gauge metric, is an international race gauge developed in 1907, to evaluate the performance of racing yachts. At the beginning of the twentieth century, it made it possible to create racing keelboats that could race in real time, provided that certain restrictions were respected. The International Gauge was adopted for the London Olympics in 1908 and until 1936, and for the America's Cup between 1958 and 1987 with the 12 Meter replacing the J-Class that followed the rules of the World Gauge.

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