• The Fully Crewed Around the World Race Revealed

    The crewed world tour in IMOCA is revealed

    Access potential teams from 1 st October, the draft of the notice of race the next crewed round the world with stopovers (eg Volvo Ocean Race) gives the first details about the event to be held in 2021-2022. The event will include two classes of boats: the IMOCA foils (launched after 2010 and led by five or six people) for the overall title and the VO65 monotypes for the "Youth Challenge Trophy", a trophy for the best young people.

    "The Fully Crewed Around the World Race (FCAWR) is the working name for the event that will succeed the Volvo Ocean Race (ex Whitbread Round the World Race). Thus begins the preliminary version of the Notice of Race for the next Crewed World Tour with stopovers, which will be contested on both IMOCA foils and VO65 monotypes.

    "This discussion paper marks the first step in a long series. It allows us to open discussions with interested teams, "says Antoine Mermod, President of the IMOCA class." We look forward to continuing our work with the race organizers to create a fantastic event. In the weeks and months ahead, we will be working on cost control, which is a key issue in the discussions. "

    The outline of the calendar and course unveiled
    If it will be necessary to wait to know all the details concerning the dates of the different stages and places of call, the preliminary notice of race gives a general framework. First information: the opening of registrations is scheduled for December 11, 2018. Concerning the calendar of the race itself, we learn that the inaugural "In-Port" regattas and the start of the first stage will take place in Alicante (Spain). ) at the end of autumn 2021. The race will consist of a maximum of nine stages. Up to eight intermediate stops may therefore be scheduled with at least one stop in the following territories: South America, Australia / New Zealand, Asia, United States and Europe (where the event will end at the beginning of summer 2022). To qualify, the crews will have to participate in other races in crews in 2021.

    IMOCA launched after 2010, equipped with foils and crews of five to six people

    Teams competing on IMOCA will compete for the overall title. Only boats launched after 2010 will be allowed and they must be equipped with foils and a standard wing-mast. The number of sails and foils is already limited to control the expenses of the teams. " In a race with stops, for constraints of timing, it is necessary as much as possible to keep a certain homogeneity in the fleet to avoid the too important differences to the arrivals. This is why we have established a rule regarding the date of launching. In addition, thanks to this framework, all the teams will have their chance to perform Explains Antoine Mermod. Another important rule is that two IMOCA will be banned from training together between November 1, 2020 and April 30, 2021, roughly speaking, during the Vendée Globe period. The objective is to ensure the greatest equity from Alicante in the autumn of 2021.

    For In-Port regattas and offshore stages, the crew will consist of five people, including at least one woman. It will be possible to embark at six, provided to have at least four women on board. " Here again it was necessary to decide and find a good compromise, " says Antoine Mermod. " The sailors from the Volvo Ocean Race wanted more crews, while those from IMOCA wanted to be less numerous on board. We think we have found a happy medium. "Note that on each boat, a mediaman will be on board. The promise of beautiful images, probably never seen in previous IMOCA world tours.
    Safety is also at the heart of the organizers' concerns and the crews will have to follow specific training.

    16 to 18 IMOCA eligible, 10 to 15 expected at the start
    Between the existing IMOCA and those under construction, 16 to 18 boats will fulfill all the conditions to be able to take part in the edition 2021-2022 of the race around the world in crews. " Our goal is to bring together a fleet of 10 to 15 IMOCA for this event, " said Antoine Mermod. " We work hand in hand with the different teams. A real dynamic is launching and this should bear fruit. "

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