• Belvedere's Seawall On Verge Of Collapse?

    image: Alan Dep/Marin IJ

    The Marin IJ's Matthew Pera reports on impending failure of the Belvedere Seawall:

    Belvedere officials this week declared a state of emergency for the bayfront community after further investigation of a damaged seawall revealed the scope of the issue is larger than the city had realized.

    Consulting engineers told the city late last month it should act immediately to prevent the seawall along Beach Road — which protects the area from flooding — from shifting any further or collapsing into the bay.

    An inspection of the barrier in 2017 revealed that portions of the concrete had crumbled and cracked, and city officials who have since monitored the embankment determined that a portion of it it is slowly sagging toward the water. Engineers working on plans to fix the issue in September found that the foundation along the entire wall isn’t deep enough to protect against erosion — an issue that could ultimately cause the barrier to cave in.

    Eventually, the entire seawall will need to be stabilized, but consultants say the most problematic section — directly across from Peninsula Road — is at a high risk for failure.

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