• Riding The Storm Out

    UPDATE! IGOR has BROKEN HIS FORESTAY at the mast head and is now using halyards to take the load while he works out the best way to repair the damage. Conditions at the moment are 25/30kt Northerly with a 3/4mtr sea. He is 2000 Miles from CAPE TOWN and 2600 Miles from Australia. His plan at this time is to wait for better weather before making any repairs. He has NOT requested any assistance and is VERY CONFIDENT of making a good repair. GGR will monitor the situation and has NOT declared a CODE ORANGE. IGOR has a BIG job ahead of him but he is a very resilient and capable sailor. #GGR2018 GOOD LUCK!

    Golden Globe Race
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    UPDATE! Susie Goodall Racing is at the bottom of the storm cell right now forming next to her. She is in for a tough 12 hrs but is in the SAFE ARC so will not be trapped in the system.

    First picture is NOW 1600UTC second Picture is 8 hours later at 2400UTC. At that time the top grey icon is 35miles ahead of Susie's current position now and Susie SHOULD be ahead of that by then and moving out of the stronger winds which will quickly move away to the South East..projected forecast is..... System forming close beside Susie Centre NE 1800UTC 45-55KTS from S then 2400UTC 50-55kts from SSW then 0600UTC 40kts SW Dropping fast...Good luck Susie! #GGR2018


    UPDATE: Susie Goodall Racing just confirmed she could see the calm coming in first Picture. This suggests forecasting is correct. Wind will suddenly swing to the south increasing rapidly and Susie will make for North West. She will have 45/50kts from the south but slowly the wind will swing to South West and decrease as the center moves away. She can then follow that around and slowly start making east course again. If she had NOT turned around the storm may have encircled her creating VERY dangerous seas and she would have been held in it longer. Even now there is going to be a bad sea as she currently has a NORTH swell and will have strong South winds in the next hour. BUT she is now in the safe sector to be blown away from the worst. We are all thinking of her. Watch this on the Tracker and think of Susie. her positions are every hour. It is a nasty storm. UKU will outrun it. Susie said it was so hard sailing west because of all the ground lost in the Race!...#GGR2018 the date and TIME UTC is on top of each photo.

    FRENCH UPDATE 17/10/2018 : #GGR2018

    Storms notice on the golden globe race... "rough ride" (brutal navigation), this was the short message that night of Susie Goodall. It is surely well below what is looming for the English who has been running for a few hours against the wave, West, after getting notified by the race direction the formation of a short but violent storm that should To develop much more dangerously than the forecasts indicated so far. Winds of 55 knots with gusts at 70 are expected on its trajectory, in a very confused sea generated by the rapid rotation of the winds...

    As a result, young navigator was recommended to temporarily turn around, incurvant his road to the north, to escape the largest of the system. A difficult decision for Susie Goodall who just passed cape leeuwin and who was well up on her predecessors in the last few days. But this storm is vicious and unfortunately recalls in its form the one that led to the rescues of abhilash tomy and gregor mcguckin... even uku randmaa, 250 miles ahead, was encouraged by the race direction to go to the North, because that bad system will catch him too...

    In front of this, the big weather is also happening with the arrival on Jean-Luc van den heede of a huge system that will go back to him, generating a very strong wave that can exceed 10 To avoid also the biggest of the bad weather, the Dean of the race wisely decided to slow down, to stay on the edge of this very extensive depression... the symbolic passage of the antiméridien (which marks the boundary between the east to The West) is therefore under strong conditions for the leader, recalling if it was necessary to what extent the road is still long towards the sands of olonne, even if the figures indicating the degrees of progress towards arrival will now decrease... There are still more than 10 miles in front of the sailor's bow, after almost 108 days of sea! And Cape Horn remains to cross...

    But it's still 5 miles less than Mark Sinclair and Igor Zarestskiy, who sail much more peacefully in a fleet tail in a north stream that pushes them into a manageable sea on the direct road. They should slow down again in two days with training around them from a high pressure zone. In Front, 1600 miles from there, Loic Lepage (Chichester Category) also slips full in a good south wind that will gradually grow to the west.

    As for tapio lehtinen and istvan the, they are still making a duet in a moderate south flow that will clearly strengthen by passing west in two days, so that the organization also asked them not to go down to stay at It's the biggest of that wind coming. At least they're together, less than 10 miles from each other. If they talk to the VHF, tapio is having fun saying they're almost within reach! A significant comfort in these hostile and isolated regions of the globe... especially for the Finnish who owns the lowest boat on the water of the fleet.

    Stay Mark Slats. The frustrating progression of the last 20 days, made of light or contrary winds, has become a violent navigation. The second of the golden globe race 2018, expected Monday at Boatshed.com drop point of Hobart, hallucinating this time of "the aggression of the sea", which continues to project its waves on the bridge and in the cockpit of its Rustler 36. Two have already slept his boat this weekend, injuring the Dutch Solid at the coast level... the Indian ocean leaves decidedly little respite to the competitors of the golden globe race...

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