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    Golden Globe Race
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    UPDATE! Susie Goodall Racing just called to check and had been hand steering for 10 hours. Problem with wind vane needing a two hour repair. Conditions dropped back to 35kts now. She described Seas had been horrific and no sleep for 24hrs. Worst she has ever experienced and now heading a little north then heading around east again. She will have a short break over the next two days before another more NORMAL Southern Ocean Storm HITS! Istvan Kopar Solo Circumnavigator and Tapio Lehtinen are heading north with solid NW wind forecast ahead of the same storm coming their way. Uku Randmaa is about to feel the effect of Susie's storm in the hours ahead. SUSIE was excited, laughing and happy to hear she passed Cape Leeuwin three times..a new record!! #GGR2018



    As we write these lines, Susie Goodall has to finish spending the biggest of the storm to which she chose to come back to avoid the most dangerous part, leaving to lose the hard-won terrain in the last few days... Even if the decision was difficult, it proved to be a salutary morning, since if the English had continued its route, it would probably have been found in conditions similar to those that did bow tomy and gregor mcguckin previously...

    It is now on the edge of a powerful system that will quickly move away to melt on uku randmaa but estonian also anticipated the arrival of this violent depression by putting a little north in its trajectory, which should allow it to escape Also at the strongest of the storm, in a large but relatively organized sea. The hours to come are therefore very fast for the third of the golden globe race 2018 which should still go back a little on Mark Slats, for now a little becalmed (even if it works at more than 5 Knots, grace To a successful sailing game that he chose not to ride on retractor) but who will be joined at the end of the day by good north winds that will allow him to dive to Tasmania, which he could join the drop point, In Hobart, between Saturday and Sunday.

    Behind, itsvŠn the and tapio lehtinen continue their canned navigation and should also be worn by a powerful continuous flow of West-North-West which will increase significantly with the arrival of a strong depression in their back table in the night of tomorrow. It is then from Saturday that an even more powerful system will rise from the southwest to pick them up a few hours at the end of the day. But again the biggest of the wind will pass quickly on the two sailors who should not suffer long from the violence of the elements.

    A little in withdrawal, Loic Lepage (Category Chichester), which shows a beautiful average in the last few days, will have to accommodate the same components of this system but will be touched a little before, which could allow him to earn a few But Istvan and tapio will enjoy more wind longer and should logically resume a little advance on breton.

    All in the back, Igor Zarestskiy was outrun by Mark Sinclair, the fault of the bris of his summer that forced him to sail under linen for now. Fortunately, a quiet wind zone should offer it tomorrow the conditions of a repair that will impose that it rises to the top of the mast... a always delicate maneuver in solitary...

    Having entered the Pacific for several days, Jean-Luc Van Den Heede, also evolves on the edge of a powerful and very extensive system that raises an impressive wave, even for the one who has seen so much! "the biggest one has passed but there is a grandiose sea hollow 6/7 m" says his message this morning!

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