• Lois Lane Dismasted In Great Pumpkin Pursuit

    Tony Carr's list to do on the rehab of the IOR classic Lois Lane got a bit longer over the weekend after a game of bumper cars at the "little alcatraz buoy" during
    Sunday's Great Pumpkin Pursuit Race. Tony has been working to get the old cold molded classic since he acquired her in 2012 Click

    Tony was sailing in the race with Ron Tostenson, Rome Uriarte and Rolfe Brittian, and was approaching the mark on starboard with about 2-3 knots of flood
    and 15 knots of breeze. Coming from opposite direction was Richard vonEhrenkrook's Cal 20 Can O Whoopass, on port. Evidently, Richard had been starboard tacked
    just prior to this encounter and forced to reround, and apparently was not anxious for a repeat.

    Although Lois call starboard repeatedly, Can O Whoopass returned a "Hold Your Course" reply. When it became apparent to Tony that they were going to nail the Cal 20 directly, Tony bore off, hitting the mark amidships, and caught there backstay on the mark, which pulled the rig down to port and into the water. Somewhere in the process, "The Can" hit Lois on the starboard bow and bounced off.

    Thankfully, nobody was injured and they were able to get the sails and mast released in about 10 minutes. "It was sort of a blessing in disguise" said Tony "That we were being held in position by the backstay wrapped on the mark, keeping us from drifting in to the island, that could have gotten pretty ugly"

    Once the were free, The Can followed them back to Richmond and the exchange information, and Tony said Richard was very apologetic about the whole mess.

    The insurance folks have been contacted and Lois Lane will need to get pulled to ten to the damage of cold molded siding on port and the puka on starboard, as well
    as new standing rigging, running rigging and electronics.

    Tony hope to get things done in time for RYC Beer Cans.

    Fingers crossed!
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