• Damage Report Day 3

    Several damages have marked these first three days of the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe. So on Wednesday night, solitaries are either refugees in a port of Brittany, en route to a technical stopover or shelter, or waiting for a final stop ... But some have already left the image of Lalou Roucayrol (Multi50) from Porto or Yann Marilley and Gilles Buekenhout (Multi Rum) from Gijon.

    • Sébastien Josse (Maxi Edmond de Rothschild) technical stop in La Coruna. Damage: starboard float ripped off about ten meters.
    • Thomas Coville (Sodebo Ultim ') on technical stop in A Coruña. Damage: Damaged front linkage fairing and crack in the arm.
    • Armel Le Cléac'h (Maxi Solo Popular Bank IX) off the Azores. Damage: capsize after breakage of the port float. Skipper recovered by a fishing boat.
    • Romain Pilliard (Remade-Use it again) is on his way to A Coruña.

    • Louis Burton (Valley Office) is in Roscoff. Damage: waterway through the starboard foil pit. To declare his abandonment.
    • Manuel Cousin (Groupe Tétin) is in Camaret. Damage: Fixing defective saffron.
    • Alexia Barrier (4myplanet) is in Concarneau. Damage: air sensor problem.
    • Jérémie Beyou (Charal) is in stopover in Lorient. Damage: transmission of saffron.
    • Isabelle Joschke (Monin) en route to the Brittany tip. Damage: dismasting.
    • Romain Attanasio (Pure-Family Mary) is in Concarneau. Damage: explosion of the J3 and mainsail hook.
    • Samantha Davies (Heart Initiatives) en route to Brittany. Damage: structural problem on the hull.
    • Fabrice Amedeo (Newrest-Art & Windows) en route to Lisbon to repair. Damage: broken bowsprit
    • Yannick Bestaven (Master CoQ) en route to Lisbon to repair. Damage: Fastening the mainsail.


    • Marc Dubos (Scouting Spirit) fled to Roscoff.
    • Jean Galfione (Serenis Consulting) fled to Brest.
    Dominique Rivard (Marie Galante-April) is in Brest. Damage: knee injury to the skipper.
    • Maxime Cauwe (Azeo-On is wide) fled to Camaret
    • Hiroshi Kitada (Kiho) fled to Lorient.
    • François Lassort (Bijouteries Lassort-Tonton Louis) took refuge in Brest.
    • Cédric de Kervenoael (Grizzly Barber Shop) took refuge in Camaret.
    • Nicolas Jossier (Manorga) took refuge in Concarneau.
    • Andrea Fantini (Enel Green Power) fled to Lorient.
    • Halvard Mabire (Colombre XL) fled to Bénodet.
    • Emmanuel Hamez (Teranga) fled to Bénodet.
    • Sam Goodchild (Narcos: Mexico) is heading towards the Brittany point. Damage: dismasting.
    • Arthur Gascoin (Up Sail & Connect) fled to Bénodet.
    • Olivier Magre (E. Leclerc-Ville La Grande) makes his way to Lorient to take shelter.
    • Loïc The Dean (Saint Cast-The Exotic Land Guildo) took refuge in Lorient.
    • Arthur Hubert (Audi Saint Malo-Hope for a Rum) took refuge in A Coruña.
    • Sébastien Desquesses (Kersia-Le Guével-Spirit of Saint-Malo) fled to Camaret.
    • Olivier Roussey (Obportus-Gras Savoy) is heading to the north of Spain.
    • Sébastien Marsset (Tohapi campsites) is on his way to Spain. Damage: Butternut outriggers.
    • Bertrand Delesne (bertrand-delesne.fr) is heading towards Lorient. Damage: genoa impossible to roll on the forestay.
    • Emmanuel Le Roch (Edenred) is heading for La Coruña.


    Multi Rum
    • Franck Sainte-Marie (Branec IV) fled to Camaret.
    • Christian Guyader (Guyader Gastronomie) fled to Bénodet.
    • Gildas Breton (Bo Carré) fled to Loctudy.
    • Erwan Thiboumery (Gold.fr for Bioniria) fled to Brest.
    • Charlie Capelle (Acapella-Soreal-Proludic) fled to Concarneau.
    • Gerald Bibot (Zed7) fled to La Trinité / Mer.
    • Pierrick Tollemer (Resadia) fled to Lorient.
    • Bertrand De Broc (Cré'Actuel) fled to Bénodet.
    • Christophe Bogrand (Sterec Blue Wing) fled to Port La Forêt.
    • David Ducosson (Air Caribbean-Caseneuve Maxi Catamaran) is heading towards Lorient.


    Blue Wing

    Mono Rum
    • Bob Escoffier (Kriter V-Socomore-Quéguiner) fled to Roscoff
    • Willy Bissainte (C 'Guadeloupe) ran aground on one of the Seven Islands. After SNSM Ploumanac'h's intervention, the boat was towed to Roscoff following a waterway.
    • Christophe Souchaud (Rhum Solidaire Cap Handi) took refuge in Camaret
    • Éric Bellion (Commeunseulhomme) took refuge at Aber Wrac'h.
    • Laurent Jubert (Breath Space) took refuge at Aber Wrac'h.
    • Nicolas Magnan (SOS windshield) took refuge Camaret.
    • Olivier Leroux (Real Estate Construction Art) fled to Camaret.
    • Jean-Luc Bizien-Jaglin (Transports Groussard) fled to Brest.
    • Andrea Mura (Vento di Sardegna) is heading towards Lorient.

    Dominic Bourgeois
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