• November 7th Update"Sea State Is Chaotic"


    FRENCH UPDATE 07/11/2018 : #GGR2018

    " the sea is totally chaotic. I remain on the run without a veil at 5 KT "... this is the terse message sent this night by Jean-Luc Van Den Heede, always on the edge of the wicked storm that violently stopped the trajectory so far exemplary of the leader Race. And this stationary system obliges him to go north, under the pain of suffering even more difficult conditions than those with which he must already compose... Fortunately, gradually, this big depression will move east and leave a sea ( A bit) more manageable.

    The hit is hard for the Dean of the race that had so far demonstrated an incredible ease accompanied by an endless preparation. But man faces, with all the experience and determination that has made him a great sailor for decades. And his advance is such that he is still almost 2000 miles ahead of Mark Slats, his closest competitor. The Dutch Giant, who had crossed a very frustrating indian ocean confessed to yesterday's vacation, took great pleasure in sailing in the Pacific, where he finally found the healthy winds that had so cruelly missed him at Hobart's approach. And the week is fast and comfortable for the skipper who also wants to lift a little foot to preserve his mount.

    The entry into the pacific is also relatively easy for uku randmaa 1000 miles away, even if two depressions, one in the north and the other south of its trajectory should lift a messy sea from tomorrow. At the same time, the formation of a high pressure bubble should slow it down, but it will happily be replaced by moderate winds.

    The Tasman Sea Crossing is serene for Susie Goodall and istvan the, respectively 700 and 900 miles from Estonian. The passage of a violent depression in their south in 4 days should, however, lift a big wave that could make the Southern New Zealand approach uncomfortable for the English, especially as the wind may be relatively low at this time There...

    As for tapio lehtinen, he finally joined the Boatshed.com drop point, without having the ability to use his engine. The Finnish appeared smiling and in shape and should leave 24 hours after this mandatory stop in Kingston Beach. It should then benefit from mild conditions for several days to attack the tasman sea.

    Mild conditions, that's what's also waiting for Mark Sinclair, now less than 1000 miles from the Australian Coast, and Igor Zarestkiy. If the Russian, 550 miles to the west should see once again engulfed a few hours in a bubble without wind tomorrow, both should benefit from moderate winds but still healthy to move east easily, in the wake of Suhaili.

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