• Abandonment Updates

    The skipper of the 50-foot trimaran Team Vent Debout, Fabrice Payen, announced that he had dismasted this morning while sailing about 230 miles in western Portugal. It was the starboard star, in the wind, which broke off, causing the mast to fall. Fabrice was sailing with three reefs in the mainsail and J 3 in the front. Conditions seemed to calm down in the area, with just over 20 knots of wind. Fabrice is fine. He secures his boat by dropping the rigging. He can then route the engine to a Spanish or Portuguese port not yet determined. The CROSS Griz Nez is informed and distributes an alert to the ships on the zone. Fabrice Payen had a great start on the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe since he was second in the Rhum Multi group at the time of dismasting.


    After four days of racing, the fleet of 123 solitaires is divided into two large groups: those who preferred to take refuge in a port and those who stopped to repair minor damage, and those who continue to face very harsh conditions. North of the Azores or gliding towards the trade winds ... Update on the situation of pit stops.

    • Sébastien Josse (ULTIMA- Maxi Edmond de Rothschild ) in A Coruña. Damage: starboard float ripped off about ten meters.
    • Louis Burton (IMOCA - Valley Office ) in Saint-Malo. Damage: waterway through the starboard foil pit.
    • Samantha Davies (IMOCA - Heart Initiatives ) in Lorient. Damage: structural problem on the hull.

    • Armel Le Cléac'h (ULTIMA - Maxi Solo Banque Populaire IX ) off the Azores. Damage: capsize after breakage of the port float. Skipper recovered.
    • Isabelle Joschke (IMOCA- Monin ) en route to Lorient. Damage: dismasting.
    • Sam Goodchild (Class 40 - Narcos: Mexico ) is heading towards the Brittany tip. Damage: dismasting.
    • Fabrice Payen (Multi- Team rum standing wind ) off Porto. Damage: dismasting.

    • Thomas Coville ( Sodebo Ultim ' ) in A Coruña. Damage: crack in the arm. Under repair
    Two giant trimarans in the trade winds at the latitude of the Canary Islands, a departure from La Coruña on Thursday afternoon, a technical stop in La Coruna.


    • Manuel Cousin ( Groupe Tétin ) in Camaret. Damage: Faulty rudder attachment
    • Romain Attanasio ( Pure-Family Mary ) in Port-la-Forêt. Damage: explosion of the J3 and mainsail hook.
    • Alexia Barrier ( 4myplanet ) in Concarneau. Damage: air sensor problem
    • Jérémie Beyou ( Charal ) in Lorient. Damage: transmission of saffron.
    • Fabrice Amedeo ( Newrest-Art & Windows ) in Lisbon to repair. Damage: broken bowsprit
    Twelve sailors are at sea, plus one who makes a technical stop in Lisbon. The first, the Brit Alex Thomson ( Hugo Boss) is 150 miles west of Madeira, the last, the Finn Ari Pekka Huusela ( Ariel 2 ) is 180 miles west of Porto.


    • Thierry Bouvard ( Ciela Village ) en route to Lisbon. Damage: defective mainsail trolleys.
    Five competitors en route to the West Indies, including the southernmost, Armel Tripon ( Chocolate Rite ) near Madeira, the rest of the fleet halfway between the Azores and Cape Finisterre.

    • Marc Dubos ( Scouting Spirit) in Roscoff.
    • Maxime Cauwe ( Azeo-On is large ) in Camaret
    • Cédric Kervenoael ( Grizzly Barber Shop ) in Camaret.
    • Sébastien Desquesses ( Kersia-Le Guével-Spirit of Saint-Malo ) in Camaret.
    • Dominique Rivard ( Marie Galante-April ) in Brest.
    • Jean Galfione ( Serenis Consulting ) in Brest.
    • François Lassort ( Bijouteries Lassort-Tonton Louis ) in Brest.
    • Halvard Mabire ( Colombre XL ) in Bénodet.
    • Emmanuel Hamez ( Teranga ) in Bénodet.
    • Arthur Gascoin ( Up Sail & Connect ) in Bénodet.
    • Nicolas Jossier ( Manorga ) in Concarneau.
    • Loïc The Dean ( Saint Cast-The Exotic Land Guildo ) in Lorient.
    • Andrea Fantini ( Enel Green Power ) in Lorient.
    • Hiroshi Kitada ( Kiho ) in Lorient.
    • Olivier Magre ( E. Leclerc-Ville La Grande ) in Lorient.
    • Bertrand Delesne ( bertrand-delesne.fr ) en route to Lorient. Damage: genoa impossible to roll on the forestay.
    • Morgane Ursault-Poupon ( Fleury Michon Bio ) en route to Spain.
    • Sébastien Marsset (CTohapi ampings ) en route to Brittany. Damage: Butternut outriggers.
    • Louis Duc ( Carac ) en route to A Coruña. Damage: Jib stay.
    • Emmanuel Le Roch ( Edenred ) en route to A Coruña.
    • Nicolas Troussel ( Corum ) is heading to Lisbon. Damage: more overhead and engine fastening
    • Claire Pruvot ( Civic Service ) is routed towards A Coruña. Damage: delamination of the starboard bow
    • Jean Marie Loirat ( Klaxoon ) takes refuge in A Coruña.
    • Jacques Valente ( Destination Evian ) takes refuge in A Coruña.
    • Jonas Gerckens ( Volvo) takes refuge in Lisbon
    • Olivier Rousset ( Obportus ) takes refuge in A Coruña.
    • Donald Alexander ( Power of One ) takes refuge in A Coruña.
    • Florian Guéguen ( Parkison Sailing School ) takes refuge in Lorient
    Twenty-seven sailors are at sea: the first Yoann Richomme ( Veedol AIC ) is at the latitude of Lisbon when Romain Rossi ( Digestscience Foundation ) is in the middle of the Bay of Biscay.

    Multi Rum
    • Franck Sainte-Marie ( Branec IV ) in Camaret.
    • Erwan Thiboumery ( Gold.fr for Bioniria ) in Brest.
    • Gildas Breton ( Bo Square ) in Loctudy.
    • Bertrand De Broc (C reaual) in Bénodet.
    • Christophe Bogrand ( Sterec Aile Bleue ) in Bénodet.
    • Christian Guyader ( Guyader Gastronomie) in Bénodet.
    • Charlie Capelle ( Acapella-Soreal-Proludic ) in Concarneau.
    • Pierrick Tollemer ( Resadia ) in Lorient.
    • David Ducosson ( Air Caribbean-Caseneuve Maxi Catamaran ) in Lorient.
    • Gérald Bibot ( Zed7 ) in La Trinité / Wed.
    • Alain Delhumeau ( Rayon Vert ) is routed towards Vigo. Damage: waterway.
    Ten skippers are at sea: the first (Pierre Antoine-Olmix ) sails with the Multi50; the last (Yann Marilley- No Limit BMP ) tackles Cape Finisterre.

    Mono Rum
    • Bob Escoffier ( Kriter V-Socomore-Quéguiner ) in Roscoff
    • Willy Bissainte ( C 'La Guadeloupe ) in Roscoff. Towed following a grounding resulting in a waterway.
    • Eric Bellion ( Commeunseulhomme ) at Aber Wrac'h.
    • Laurent Jubert ( Breath Space ) at Aber Wrac'h.
    • Christophe Souchaud ( Rhum Solidaire Cap Handi ) in Camaret
    • Olivier Leroux ( Real Estate Art Construction ) in Camaret.
    • Jean-Luc Bizien-Jaglin ( Groussard Transport ) in Camaret.
    • Andrea Mura ( Vento di Sardegna ) in Lorient.
    • Nils Boyer (The funeral choice ) in A Coruña.
    • Nicolas Magnan ( SOS windshield ) en route to Lorient.
    Eight Mono Rum are at sea: the first (Sidney Gavignet- Café Joyeux) is at the latitude of Lisbon; the last (Dominique Dubois- Ghéo ) is 200 miles west of Brittany Point.
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