• Dueling Budgets North vs South on SF Cup Hosting Facilities

    As time draws near for the City of San Francisco to finalize their bid to host the
    America's Cup, the re-thinking of the earlier plans to use Pier 50 as the primary
    hosting site gains popularity. Instead the focus moves north of the Bay Bridge, utilizing un-used
    or under used piers. The premise being that the City saves bundles of money and will
    also benefit from an earlier return of properties, in an upgraded condition. The SF Chronicle breaks
    down the arguments which will go before the Board of Supervisors for their final vote on December 14th.

    Pier 27/29 could transition into the temporary team & sponsor hospitality and race
    viewing platform and media center, with the start line situtated
    immediately off it's edge, providing ample viewing opportunity for spectators. When the Cup moves
    elsewhere, the plans for a cruise ship terminal would go forth.

    Piers 19 and 23, would be allocated for team storage and office spaces.

    Pier 32 Big one on left, would be allocated as the teams industrial center Pier 28 on right
    would be team sponsor hospitality.

    Aquatic Park's Pier would become very popular!

    Pier 80 Berthing of USA 17, temporary heliport, temporary facilities during construction
    and staging of pre-regattas.

    Pier 50 would be left out, much to the pleasure of the SF Giants and the present Mission
    Bay Redevelopmant plans.

    A Vast Gallery of SF Bay Aerial Images Can Be Seen HERE!
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