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    JEAN LUC VDH is entering the zone of headwinds slowing progress. It will hold for the next four or five days, maybe longer. He has been up the mast again just to check. He seems happy enough for now but is faced with many new decisions. One thing is certain he will protect his mast at all times. This will mean slowing even more losing ground to his rival who now sails with strong incentive. In the days ahead expect to see Jean Luc lose hundreds of miles from his lead. The next two weeks will e hard on the mast maybe?

    MARK SLATS is hand steering through the night surfing on the best waves driving hard knowing he can make big gains on the leader of the GGR in the next week. His boat is in good shape and he is feeling strong and excited at the new race to the finish. It is still thousands of miles away be for mark every day every hour is important.! Anything can happen to any GGR sailor so he has to be careful himself, but he is running on excitement! Can he do this?

    UKU RANDMA is planning to be at CAPE HORN on the 17th December and the weather for the next week suggests no sever storms for him. He is still thinking of SUSIE's loss and how it happened. He also thinks of ARE, GREGOR, ABHILASH and LOIC so it is clear he will be happy to make it to the Atlantic and the run north as soon as possible. he feels uneasy but happy. He is deep south and heading further down. The emotions that play 24hrs a day on entrants are sometimes forgotten to us who follow the tracker. It can be intense for sure.

    ISTVAN KOPAR struggles on with wobbly steering and lack of water. He sits too close to the NO GO zone, but the weather is good and he is happy about that. He has been here twice before sailing around the world and misses the idea of trying to catch SUSIE! UKU is too far ahead but this GGR is an adventure with an unknown outcome so for now he sits fourth in the ranking an amazing achievement. He will push as best he can to get home as quick as he can staying safe! He needs rain!

    TAPIO LEHTINEN missed a big chance two days ago to finally clear the barnacles off his hull. It was calm sea and no wind. He had been waiting for this for two days as the forecast said. But along came TWO sharks to play around his boat all day. Then came the wind again from the right direction so he sails off but still tooo slow. Life in every other dimension is good onboard. His time at sea is his dream come true. Now he looks for another calm to make life even better.

    MARK SINCLAIR is working on COCONUT and did NOT eat the huge Barnacles removed that probably slowed him by 1.5kts. he is also working on his mind. He is home to a warm reception. He is sleeping on a bed, eating fresh food, having long showers and laughing with friends. The temptation is great to stay? will he? or will he rush for Cape Horn. LIVELY LADY and Sir ALEC ROSE sailed around in March? has COCONUT got enough time and is he going to be a CHICHESTER sailor...watch this space?

    IGOR ZARETSKY struggles with barnacles and now light head winds on the final run to ALBANY in Western Australia. His team is waiting and many locals are ready to help. He will be happy to arrive after all this frustration. Our prediction is that the garden on his hull will be unbelievable. we all know he is a strong sailor and a good sailor. his pace is not through his lack of skill or enthusiasm. It is because of one simple mistake in Les Sables D'Olonne when they lifted their boat days before the start to wash the bottom and did NOT repaint! Now it is all about to be revealed! He arrives in a few hours.


    Dec 7th

    We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone involved in the successful rescue of Susie. MRCC Chile, MRCC Falmouth, the Golden Globe Race organisers, and especially the master and crew on Tian Fu, have given it their all over the past few days.

    It was with a heavy heart Susie left DHL Starlight to fend for herself, before she fills with water and rests on the Pacific Ocean floor. DHL Starlight has been her home for the past few years; a faithful friend who stood up valiantly to all the elements, a guardian until their last moments together.

    Once aboard Tian Fu, Susie remarked how enormously welcome the crew made her feel. They offered lots of food and drink, and over the next week or so she'll have plenty of time to rest en route to Argentina.

    When she was younger, Susie loved doing somersaults on trampolines. We just never thought she’d do one in a boat.

    — Susie’s Family
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