• South African Mystery Unfolds

    The South African Reports on a vessel with a corpse that washed up at a local beach.

    Mystery surrounds corpse found in a washed-up yacht on KZN beach

    The decomposing corpse of a French sailor was discovered in a yacht off the coast of a KZN beach this Saturday, and the case has become an intriguing one.

    SAPS have opened an investigation after a private yacht run aground on Southbroom Beach, near Margate. The body of a man identified as a “French national” has been recovered, and authorities are trying to piece together the exact events that lead to this discovery.

    SowetanLive report that the deceased succumbed to “natural causes”, and although no foul play is suspected, the case is certainly a bizarre one. The yacht itself is from Papua New Guinea, and was last moored in Port Elizabeth before making its way up the coast.

    Yacht mystery: KZN beach incident raises queries
    Questions have also been asked on social media, regarding how a yacht with no-one guiding it could be allowed to drift so close the coast without being picked up beforehand. Margate is well-manned by the coastguards, but this one seems to have evaded detection.

    The man – who has not yet been named – was at sea for “at least three days”, according to the official SAPS report. The police issued the following update on their Twitter page, confirming that the scene was still being assessed:

    A yacht washed out at Southbroom beach in Margate policing precinct. Upon investigation the decomposed body of a French national was discovered. According to the log he was sailing from Port Elizabeth. Role players are still at the scene. SW

    Meanwhile, the NSRI confirmed they were made aware of the incident earlier on Saturday morning. They state the boat slammed into the shore just after 6:30, and declared that a number of civil services – including the local neighbourhood watch and selected forensic teams – were there to establish a way forward:

    “NSRI, Police and emergency services assisted to secure the yacht that is now hard aground and is being assessed by SAMSA. Salvors are to be appointed, to secure the yacht and have it removed to a secure holding site.”