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    Golden Globe Race
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    ISTVAN KOPAR looks to be through the worst of the heavy winds and sea at 0800UTC today but the 6 mtr seas will continue for some time. While much of his electrical system was wiped out months ago the boat is strong and his rig and sails are all in good condition ready for the next important 1500 miles toward Cape Horn. He is quite far south and can expect typical southern ocean weather for the next seven days with winds varying between 30 and 45kts and average seas from 4 to seven mtrs.It appears that his steering repairs may also be preforming OK but we look forward to hearing the story if he makes his scheduled weekly safety call today!

    TAPIO LEHTINEN had a superb with clear skies and crystal blue seas continuing his dream of being back in the Southern Ocean on a boat he loves. The No Go Zone keeping him north is giving him good weather no question.

    UKU RANDMAA is enjoying 3mtr seas and light following winds making only 3kts today but so relaxed to be heading out of the southern Ocean. I am sure he is having some good sleeping sessions now and thinking of family and Xmas!

    JEAN LUC VDH is happy that the easterly winds have finally arrived and should start to be more consist and in the days ahead but because he is close to the coast his course now needs to include some East! FREE SHEETS are still a dream for now as he is close reaching at 4.8kts in light 15-20kt winds and 1.5mtr seas. Mark slats is going FASTER! even with head winds so is slowly but steadily gaining ground.

    MARK SLATS spent a few hours in the water two days ago cleaning the bottom of his boat. He event went with sand paper to smooth the glue from left over Goose barnacles. he say his boat is faster now than ever with many supplies eaten so she is a little lighter and he knows his boat after the long journey so far. He still sails in head winds at 5.9kts better than expected and not far off his perfect course. From yesterdays phone conversation is obvious he works hard to catch J L VDH! Slowly he gets closer and all is well in his world!
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