• End Of Year Update As Golden Globe Sails Into 2019


    ISTVAN ETA at Cape Horn 1200UTC 1st January???

    Uku Randmaa Golden Globe Race 2018 Golden Globe Race 2018 has been going nowhere for nearly two days as he was first confronted with the prospect of a severe storm about to form ahead of his track. He must turn back and head south to avoid it. Within hours the forecast changed and then changed again with computer models contradicting themselves. 24hrs later the storm arrived but fortunately he missed the worst of it with 45kt winds and 5-6mtr seas for just 8 hours, before being able to head north once again.

    Istvan Kopar Solo Circumnavigator Solo Circumnavigator is getting ready for a BIG celebration around 1200UTC on the 1st January as he should be around Cape Horn by then. He has just 125 miles to go and the weather all looks reasonable for now. The sea is around 5-6mtrs constantly and winds averaging between 25-40 knts for the past 36hrs but no complaints as it is all from behind and his PUFFIN is moving well.

    Tapio Lehtinen Sailing continues to make slow steady progress over the past few days with the forecast headwinds never arriving. He spent one day making small repairs to a few sails. He will be becalmed for New Years EVE with very light winds maybe and then start moving again for the New Year.

    Mark Slats reports all well onboard with no mention of problems with his mast base or Aries wind vane mounts so his repairs must be doing OK. He is just 250 miles from the Equator and still trailing Jean Luc VDH by 975 miles, so he is having to work hard not just to catch up but for now just to keep up. He is making 6.5knts (one knot faster than JL VDH) with 25kts trade winds on the beam. The forecast is suggesting he will be able to sail fast through the area of the doldrums which for now have disappeared.

    Jean Luc Van Den Heede has been sailing through the SARGASO SEA an areas of patchy sea weed that floats on the surface and it is catching on his log line and in his water generator. It should not slow the boat as it is light surface weed not like the heavy huge clumps of the Southern Ocean. 600 miles ahead he must stop and turn around to face his 18hr time penalty, so for now JL VDH is making the most of the Trade wind conditions sailing 5.7kts. as high as he can to the wind, but looking after his mast while keeping speed. It is tricky. His mast is fine so far. In a week when the trades finish, tactics and hard decision could open a door for MARK or JL VDH...
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