• Jan 4th Golden Globe Update

    ENTRANT UPDATE .. JL VDH Time Penalty and UKU Happy! #GGR2018

    Tapio Lehtinen Sailing is feeling like Captain NEMO right now in a lonely Pacific Ocean all to himself now that ISTVAN is in the Atlantic and IGOR has not restarted. His forecast headwinds are just starting so progress is slow at 2.2kts on stb tack but he should Tack across soon to port and head SE with a strengthening NE wind that will send him faster on his way through the NO GO ZONE which is now open and on toward Cape Horn.

    Istvan Kopar Solo Circumnavigator is still smiling in his new world and likely to catch more water today with rain forecast and great sailing winds sending him NE on track. On the 6th his forecast headwinds will only last a few hours and then he is on his way again, so all is good right now as long as his steering gear box keeps rolling and his wind vane rope drum keeps turning.

    Uku Randmaa Golden Globe Race 2018 is winding down after his bush with a storm that is continuing to grow into a monster! as it moves away. His fast push North East paid off keeping his experience in the storm to about 9 hours only with no reports of damage, but a good story to tell later. Even today as he sails at only 3.7kts in 15kt winds the sea is still around 6 mtrs as it slowly dies down. It has only been in the last few hours he can relax as a BIG sea after the storm can be quite challenging. Winds are all favorable for the next for the next two days, but then he may be becalmed in warmer temperatures and possibly smooth seas. He still has a few barnacles not cleaned off since Hobart so will he will try again? One thing is certain, today he is relaxing after all the emotional energy spent with this last storm.

    Mark Slats has been eating plenty of fresh fish and slowed a little yesterday in unsettled Doldrum type weather with thunderstorms and squalls, but looks like he is clear into the start of the NE Trades now and once again sailing well at 5.9 kts. The trades should strengthen and become consistent in the next day or so and he will rapidly catch up to JL VDH as he now sails out of the Trades and will have to make new tactical decisions with the weather. He must also serve his 18 hour time penalty that will come up in the next 24 hrs. He is just 85 Miles from 20 North lat. The next week will be very important for both sailors as it will possibly set the scene for the run to the finish. If Mark can quickly make ground and move out into a similar weather pattern as JL VDH he may be able to hunt him down, but if JL VDH gets a break with the weather and makes good decisions and they enter this new area in two distinctly different weather systems it may be difficult? Mark loves the chase! He is 880 miles behind today with 2900 miles to the finish!!

    Jean Luc Van Den Heede is slowing down with the North edge of trade winds moving south sending very light winds. Often the Trades extends well past 20 North Latitude but not so today. GGR will give him his time slot for the 18 hour time penalty when he makes his final approach to 20N and then he will have to tack back across and stay south of that line for at least 18 hours before continuing on. All is well onboard and a whole new race through the confusing weather systems ahead is about to begin. This is going to be very challenging and a wrong weather decision could cost much more than the issues of sailing slow with a damaged mast... watch this space...the RACE continues.
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