• Jan 8th Update

    ENTRANT UPDATE #GGR2018 8/1/2019


    Tapio Lehtinen Sailing is now trying to head East and North as there is a storm approaching in the next few days. GGR have issued him the following weather alert ..MAKE NORTH every opportunity LARGE storm 11th at 2300UTC preceded by strong NW wind. Need to be 100 Miles North of present position soonest. GDLK..... The winds are dropping where he is and tomorrow it is expected to go very light before the northerlies start so it my be challenging to make speed north. If the Forecast holds true he will possibly experience the top edge of this storm and experience wind of up to 50kts but only time will tell.

    Istvan Kopar Solo Circumnavigator has heavy winds approaching his area. and was also issued the following weather alert today ....ALERT 1800UTC WNW wind increase 35kt 2400utc W 45-55kt @ 0600UTC 9th Jan. WNW 30-35kt BUT storm just south so get North when possible from now. GDLK. ... If the forecast stays true Istvan should be able to clear the worst of this and keep sailing fast in the right direction but he will have some windy days!

    Uku Randmaa Golden Globe Race 2018 certainly attracts storms but this time it looks like it may help a little as a strong storm cell is set to pass close South of him over the next 24 hours and deliver good breeze to head North again after a day of frustrating head winds. All is well onboard and in yesterdays weekly sat phone call he described how his last storm as quite severe running under bare poles with no sails up and towing warps with 60kt plus winds and large confused seas. He knows now he still has a long way to the finish and this adventure is far from over while anything can happen. So far so good and he sounds happy!

    Mark Slats is pushing himself and his boat to the limit right now into 25kt winds and 3mtr seas. His challenge is to balance the desire for speed with looking after himself and the boat. he is a great sailor but this is now his biggest challenge. Not JL VDH! the weather is consistent and he is making an average 5.7kts every hour of every day heading in basically the right direction! things are changing in the RACE but it is still a long way to the finish and anything can happen.

    Jean Luc Van Den Heede frustration must be immense right now. He is creeping slowly forward in this no wind zone hand steering and concentrating. The forecast is impossible to pick small areas of local wind, so we do not know what is coming and nor does he, other than it will be light and this is more challenging that the Southern Ocean where you balance too much wind. He will get less sleep in the days ahead than maybe anytime in the whole voyage. He looks for ever puff and probably cannot sleep anyway. This NO WIND ZONE appeared on the 3rd January and will not leave until the 10th a one week hole! and it is not over yet.
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