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    ENTRANT update FRENCH LANGUAGE! 22/01/2019

    Jean Luc Van Den Heede is now in a position of strength to stay in the head and at the top of the anticyclone that could propel him into the bay of biscay for the last Everything will depend on the movement of the zone without wind This could slide in any direction and change the given, because it is always difficult to predict the movement of this anticyclonic centre. If he can get away with it, he'll have a straight path until the arrival. The winds will be through or back to the end. The challenge will then be simply to know with what strength and how far jl vdh can and will push his boat and shoot his mast? The wind of the last week is entirely focused on its port, where damage to the mast creates risks, and it could blow up to 40-50 knots. At some times. Eta now towards January 30?

    Mark Slats is now challenged to reach the favourable winds, as it undergoes strong winds in the anticyclone that spin the air in the direction of the needles of a watch. He's on the wrong side. He must and will probably fire off the north later in the day. Could this get worse depending on the system center? He could even move and curb his progress. The next two days will determine the final challenge for mark. After that, it could be a straight line race and there is no doubt that mark can be faster in most conditions, but how far behind jl vdh will it be at the beginning of this crucial sprint, And until the arrival? It seems we are watching right now, the two most important days of the grh for these two great sailors! This could determine the winner if the weather forecasts are correct for the next eight days and if both browsers don't break anything, because they both grow to max!

    Uku Randmaa Golden Globe Race 2018 will enjoy the next week of navigation worn by the alizées dreaming of home, family and food, as well as the epic battle that takes place in the head. For any sailor, navigation in the trade winds is the best thing, even more for a sailor who has traveled so much and has experienced so much. He must be very happy right now.

    Istvan Kopar Solo Circumnavigator describes his constant tests. So we can expect to hear a little more about it in the next few days. Time is confused as far as it is concerned. Actually, it's a real mess. No storm, no calm, no bad direction... just a little bit of everything, nothing and then much more. Yes, total confusion will be his best forecast for the next few days, so his progress to his country of origin is suspended. He'll just have to smile and bear it.. now uku will regain a bit of the lost distance.

    Tapio Lehtinen Sailing hang on for another trick. A potentially dangerous storm is approaching. He's trying to get North-East to stay as far away from the center as Fortunately, it will suffer the sudden wind change that will blow to the southwest before it reaches a speed of 60 to 70 knots with a sea of 9 to 11 m. The conditions are forming, for almost a day, before they reach its peak tomorrow. The storm almost stopped moving south of tapio, then started extending to the north to catch up? It's a little unusual, but we have great confidence in tapio and his beautiful boat. When it's over, another storm is planned in about five days. Welcome to the southern ocean.....
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