• MaxFun Keel Loss Connected?

    Zeilen NL Reports On Any Connections Of Lost Keels On The MaxFun 35's

    At the end of August last year, the MaxFun 35 Team Heiner 3 lost its keel at the Zeeland coast. The two passengers were rescued by the KNRM, but the boat was lost. The accident raised many questions. What happened, how did that happen and how can it be prevented in the future? Tuesday morning there was an update on the accident on the Facebook page of Team Heiner, in which the facts were presented, and Roy Heiner gave an explanation.

    According to Team Heiner, experts have investigated the accident. There is no agreement with the accident of the Hooligan V, another MaxFun 35 where the boat also lost the keel. The experts believe it is plausible, based on the damage picture, that "previous (not known) collisions have weakened the keel bolts." The "light soil tide on the Zeeland coast" would have been the final blow.

    Roy Heiner especially wants to look ahead: "Boats are designed to be able to walk on the ground, but we do not want this incident for any boat owner and our beautiful sport. Check your keel bolts and replace them periodically. For me, a lightning strike is also an unknown and uncertain factor. In addition, the incident has loosened a lot in our Team Heiner Talents. Of course, this is part of this type of experience. You are very impressed, you learn from it, you become wiser. No development steps without opportunities. We will come back stronger!
    After the incident with Team Heiner 3 we again calculated all scenarios. No deviation has been observed here.
    - Maarten Voogd, yacht designer

    Hooligan sans keel

    Reaction from Maarten Voogd, the designer

    MaxFun 35 designer Maarten Voogd: "I appreciate that Roy Heiner directly involved us in researching what exactly happened, also in view of the Maxfun 35's past. The Maxfun 35 is a lightweight high performance boat, designed in 2001. A total of 10 boats have been built to this design. In 2007, the design of the Maxfun 35 was fully audited by the independent MAIB after the incident with Hooligan V and all recommendations were followed. Keel calculations have been submitted to a CE notified body and approved and new keels have been installed under all Maxfun 35s. "

    "The fact that there is another keel incident with a Maxfun 35 also naturally leads to questions," continues Voogd. After the incident with Team Heiner 3 we again calculated all scenarios. We are now 17 years further and with more advanced software we are able to make even more accurate analyzes and to assess the construction on the required ISO standard. No deviation has been observed here. What we have no control over is what a boat experiences in practice. We can therefore find ourselves in the transparent report of Team Heiner and agree with Roy's words that routine checks, or periodic replacement of keel bolts, or any other critical parts, are essential for the safety of any boat. "

    The keels and keel bolts of our Max Fun 35s were replaced in 2007 due to the Hooligan V accident

    The keel bolts of the TH-3 were extensively inspected in August 2015, no details were found

    In June 2018 the TH-3 was struck by lightning. After thorough investigation by an external party, the damages found at the rudder, hull and instruments were repaired. There was no lightning or delamination on the keel-hull connection or visible on the bulb

    In July and August 2018 the Team Heiner Talents '16 participated with the TH-3 at the ORC World Championship, Ramsgate Sailing Week, Cowes Week and Breskens Sailing Week

    On August 27, 2018, during the delivery back to Lelystad, a slight soil tugging took place for the Zeeland coast right next to the planned route. There is sailing and without motor again tackled to sail back to the original channel for the coast of Schouwen Duivenland to follow. After about 15 minutes of sailing, suddenly a lot of slope was created near the Brouwerhaven Gat and the boat did not respond well to the helm. The sailors did not know what was going on, but after quiet and conscious consultation, it was decided to iron the sails. Because of the unpredictable sailing behavior a

    Mayday signal has been broadcast. In anticipation of the KNRM, the engine was sailed for about 45 minutes against the wind with control of the ship. There was no water in the ship. After arrival of the KNRM, the crew members have been transferred dry and the KNRM has a towed shoot on the ship. When starting the towing, the boat has capsized until the mast hit the bottom. It was clear to see that the keel was missing and that the keel box was empty. Sailors were brought ashore and the ship was recovered and recovered 6 miles from the capsized position the next day.

    During a survey on shore, it was visible that the front bolt was pulled into the keelbox laminate, there were small hairline cracks around the bolt. All 3 keel bolts that fix the keel in the keelbox were broken. The front keel bolt showed a brittle fracture, the rear two keel bolts showed a (poorly perceptible) fatigue crack.

    There is still searched for the keel and bulb, but these are unfortunately not found. It was interesting to know how great the damage to the light bulb had been to make an estimate of the severity of the soil.

    The keel bolts of the sister ship (TH-2) have now been preventively replaced, no signs of fatigue cracks have been found here.

    The only difference between the two Max Fun sister ships is that the boat where the keel is lost has sailed for about a year in the last 11 years and has been hit by lightning.