• Mid-Winter Madness

    Forecast models for Saturday's Mid-Winter races on SF Bay indicated yet another cold storm blowing in,
    with gusty winds in the 20's to low 30's, and cells producing sudden shifts with brief heavy downpours,
    just to make it more appealing. As the Mid-Winter season is winding down, many teams not in contention
    decided that a day curled up with a good book next to the fire a better option, but for those adventurous
    to pull on the foulies and mosey on out, they were justly rewarded with white knuckle rides, head clearing
    adrenaline rushes and situations you only read about in Southern Ocean reports....

    A few results from Mid-Winters racing about the Bay:

    Regatta Pro

    Berkeley Saturday Mid-Winters Cumulative

    CYC Midwinters

    GGYC Manuel Fagundes Cumulative

    EYC Jack Frost Cumulative
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