• Tanked Skipper Aboard Cargo Ship

    VIDEO: Cargo ship with drunken Master hits bridge in Busan

    The Master of a Russian cargo ship has been detained for sailing under the influence of alcohol after the vessel hit a bridge in Busan, South Korea.

    The 5,998 tonne, general cargo ship Sea grand veered off course hitting Gwangan Bridge in Busan yesterday afternoon. A video of the vessel colliding with the bridge can be viewed below.

    According to reports the Korea Coast Guard (KCG) detained the vessel and its Captain had a blood alcohol content of 0.086%, well above the legal limit of 0.03%. While the Master’s blood alcohol level was high enough for his license to be revoked it is only an offense if he was at the helm at the time of the accident. It remains unclear if he was steering the vessel at the time of the incident.

    The Sea grand was bound from Busan to Vladivostock at the time of the accident and is reported to have hit a cruise ship that was moored 40 minutes prior to the collision with the bridge.