• 2019 JJ Giltinan's Day 1

    18ft Skiffs

    2019 JJ Giltinan Championship, Race 1

    Sponsored by The Winning Group

    Saturday, 1 March, 2019

    Sydney Harbour

    Today’s race sponsored by Rag & Famish Hotel

    Appliancesonline on the spinnaker run down the middle of Sydney Harbour on lap two of the course

    The defending champion Honda Marine team of Dave McDiarmid, Matt Steven and Brad Collins showed that they will be hard to beat again this year when they scored an impressive win in Race 1 of the Winning Group JJ Giltinan 18ft Skiff Championship on Sydney Harbour today. In a controversial start to the championship, two of the leading championship contenders, Asko Appliances (James Dorron) and ASCC (Josh Porebski) were recalled for an OCS start. With protests lodged for various incidents, provisionally, Honda Marine defeated Winning Group (John Winning Jr., Sam Newton, Seve Jarvin) by 2m34s, with Smeg (Michael coxon, Ricky Bridge, Mike McKensey) a further 18s back in third place. The new Birkenhead Point Marina team, headed by rookie skipper, Tom Anderson, finished in fourth place, ahead of Appliancesonline.com.au (Brett Van Munster), Yandoo (John Winning), Finport Finance (Keagan York) and The Kitchen Maker-Caesarstone (Jordan Girdis).

    Birkenhead Point Marina and ASCC head for the bottom mark halfway through the race

    German Marinepool team and R Marine Pittwater reach for the bottom mark

    Honda Marine battle for the lead at the bottom mark on the first lap

    The race was sailed in a 10-15-knot NE breeze with all teams electing to use their bigger No. 1 rigs. After a close race to the windward mark amongst the leading four or five teams, Winning Group held a narrow lead over Honda Marine as spinnakers were set for the run to the wing mark off the southern end of Shark Island. There was little between the two skiffs for the entire downwind run and only 10s separated the pair at the bottom mark off Clark Island, where Honda Marine had gained the lead.

    Honda Marine crosses the finish line with the video team catching every moment.

    Honda Marine shows her downwind speed

    New Birkenhead Point Marina crew were consistently near the top group all through the race

    Smeg was in third place at the point, followed by Birkenhead Point Marina and R Marine Pittwater (Simon Nearn). On the following windward leg back to the Beashel Buoy, Honda Marine and Winning Group elected to sail entirely different courses and Honda Marine had increased her lead to 32. The New Zealanders increased the margin to 45s after the long spinnaker run back down the middle of Sydney Harbour to the Clark Island mark and from that point the result wasn’t really in doubt. Encouraging performances came from the Birkenhead Point Marina team and the German team, Marinepool (Heinrich vonn Bayern), as well as R Marine Pittwater, which was in the top four placing until midway through the race.

    Rag & Famish Hotel and Yandoo

    Smeg was in the top four teams throughout the entire race

    The Kitchen Maker-Caesarstone and The Oak Double Bay-4 Pines

    Australian 18 Footer League Starters and Judges Report
    Event JJ Giltinan Race 1 2019 Course no.1 Date 2nd Mar 2019 Wind NE 10~15 knts Start 15:45:00 Tide Flood Finish 16:12:16 Race Officer Doug Cameron
    Entrants 25
    Race Mode Scratch Non Starters 2 Non Finishers 1 Flood
    Placing Boat Name Finish Elapsed Handicap Corrected Position

    1 Honda Marine (DAVID McDIARMID, MATTHEW STEVENS, BRAD COLLINS ) 16:12:16 00:27:16 0.0 00:27:16 2

    2 Winning Group (JOHN WINNING Jr, SEVE JARVIN, SAM NEWTON) 16:14:50 00:29:50 0.0 00:29:50 7

    3 Smeg (MICHAEL COXON, MIKE MCKENSEY, RICKY BRIDGE) 16:15:08 00:30:08 0.0 00:30:08 8

    4 Birkenhead Point Marina (TOM ANDERSON, NICK DALY, JOHN WALTON) 16:17:32 00:32:32 7.0 00:25:32 1

    5 AppliancesOnline.com.au (BRETT VAN MUNSTER, KURT FATOURIS, NICHOLAS HORD) 16:17:48 00:32:48 5.0 00:27:48 3

    6 Yandoo (JOHN WINNING, MIKE KENNEDY, GRANT ROLLERSON) 16:19:08 00:34:08 5.0 00:29:08 6

    7 Finport Finance (KEAGAN YORK, MATT STENTA, CHARLIE GUNDY) 16:19:23 00:34:23 0.0 00:34:23 17

    8 The Kitchenmaker.com.au (JORDAN GIRDIS, TOM QUIGLEY, LACHLAN DOYLE) 16:20:07 00:35:07 2.0 00:33:07 15

    9 C-Tech (ALEX VALLINGS, SAM TRETHAWAY, MATT COUTTS) 16:21:00 00:36:00 1.0 00:35:00 18

    10 Rag & Famish Hotel (BRYCE EDWARDS, JACOB BROOM, RORY COX) 16:21:43 00:36:43 6.0 00:30:43 10

    11 The Oak Double Bay / 4 Pines (ARON EVERETT, COURTNEY MAHAR, HARRY HALL) 16:22:29 00:37:29 5.0 00:32:29 14

    12 Vintec (KIRK MITCHELL, DANIEL BARNETT, TIM WESTWOOD) 16:22:30 00:37:30 6.0 00:31:30 12

    13 Ilve (JONO WHITTY, PEDRO VOZONE, MUSTAFA INGHAM) 16:24:45 00:39:45 9.0 00:30:45 11

    14 Marinepool (HEINRICH BAYERN, TOM MARTIN, ANDY MARTIN) 16:24:59 00:39:59 12.0 00:27:59 4

    15 Noakesailing (SEAN LANGMAN, ED POWYS, NATHAN EDWARDS) 16:25:12 00:40:12 5.0 00:35:12 19

    16 Dal Zotto (JACK SPRAGUE, TIM NARBOROUGH, JOSH FELDMAN) 16:25:18 00:40:18 10.0 00:30:18 9

    17 Quality Marine Clothing (YVETTE HERITAGE, MARK MUIRHEAD, DANIEL McLACHLAN) 16:26:06 00:41:06 12.0 00:29:06 5

    18 RMarine Pittwater (SIMON NEARN, FANG WARREN, BRANDON BUYNIK) 16:26:58 00:41:58 8.0 00:33:58 16

    19 Bing Lee (MICAH LANE, PETER HARRIS, SCOTT BABBAGE) 16:27:18 00:42:18 1.0 00:41:18 22

    20 Black Dog (JARROD SIMPSON, CAM MCDONALD, NICK MURRAY) 16:28:38 00:43:38 7.0 00:36:38 21

    21 Lumix (KATIE LOVE, CHAD FREITAS, MATT DOYLE) 16:29:02 00:44:02 12.0 00:32:02 13

    22 Brisbane18Footer (DAVID HAYTER, ALEX WATSON, ELLIOTT MAHAR) 16:33:07 00:48:07 12.0 00:36:07 20



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