• Day 2 2019 JJ's : If You Aint Rubbin, You Aint Racing

    18ft Skiffs

    2019 JJ Giltinan Championship, Race 2

    Sponsored by The Winning Group

    Sunday, 3 March 2019

    Sydney Harbour

    Today’s race sponsored by Ilve

    A torn spinnaker in an incident with a yacht robbed Winning Group of a possible victory in today's race

    Defending champion Honda Marine won its second race of the Winning Group 2019 JJ Giltinan 18ft Skiff Championship today, after another eventful day of racing on Sydney Harbour. After trailing Winning Group (John Winning Jr.) for half the NE course, Honda Marine (David McDiarmid, Matt Steven, Brad Collins) grabbed the lead when the Winning Group spinnaker was torn, in an incident with a yacht, and the skiff had to retire from the race. Once in the lead, Honda Marine held a handy lead over the fleet and looked set for a good win, but Appliancesonline.com.au (Brett Van Munster, Phil Marshall, Kurt Fatouris) put in a wonderful last lap of the course to finish just 10s behind Honda Marine in a great finish for the large spectator fleet.

    Appliancesonline.com.au finished brilliantly to get within 10s of victory in today's race in the JJ Giltinan Championship

    Asko Appliances came back strongly after a slow start to grab fourth place in Race 2 of the JJ's

    Bing Lee leads Smeg into the bottom mark on the second lap of the course

    After a dramatic pre-race incident, Smeg (Michael Coxon, Mike McKensey, Ricky Bridge) finished third, 1m20s behind Appliances Online. Australian champion Asko Appliances (James Dorron) came in fourth after being well back in the fleet on the first lap of the NE course. Simon Nearn’s R Marine Pittwater produced another excellent performance to finish in fifth place, after being with the leading group throughout the race. Bing Lee (Micah Lane) was sixth, followed by The Oak Double Bay-4 Pines (Aron Everett), Finport Finance (Keagan York). Yandoo (John Winning) and New Zealand’s C-Tech (Alex Vallings).

    Dal Zotto team keeps well clear of an incoming cruise liner

    Honda Marine gives the crowd of Nielsen Park beach a close up look at the speed of an 18ft Skiff

    New Zealand champion ASCC was below her best in today's JJ Giltinan Race 2

    With protests pending from Race 1 of the championship, and another one today by Winning Group requesting redress, the point score won’t become realistic until after tomorrow’s hearing. Following Honda Marine’s impressive win in Race 1, there was an expectation that the team would again be hard to beat in relatively similar conditions, but it was the Winning Group which led the fleet from the start until the incident with the yacht. Winning Group lead Honda Marine by 20s at the first windward mark, with Smeg, R Marine Pittwater, Bing Lee, Appliances Online and ASCC following close behind.

    At the bottom mark, Winning Group had opened up a break over the fleet while Honda Marine had dropped back to sixth place.Honda Marine was still trailing Winning Group by 15s as the fleet had returned to the top mark, but just as the spectators were settling down to watch a great race between the two champion teams Winning Group was put out of the race. Skipper John Winning Jr. said later; “There was a yacht under motor, we were on starboard and at the last moment the yacht turned at the last minute and we had to ‘flog’ our kite to avoid a collision. As we did that the spinnaker caught some of the rigging and it was badly torn’”

    Noakes Sailing and Yandoo head for the bottom mark on the first lap of the NE course

    Triple action on the first windward leg

    Winning Group was flying in the lead midway through the race

    The top teams in the championship have had a dramatic start to the regatta in the first two races. Smeg hit a moored boat on the way out to the start and hard to return to shore to make hasty repairs with the race start on 15 minutes away. With a 4-5ft piece of timber, a quick repair was made onshore and the team did remarkably well to come home in third place. With so much depending on the protest hearings tomorrow, then Tuesday’s two races over windward-and return courses, there could be a dramatic change in the championship points

    Frank Quealy

    Event JJ Giltinan Race 2 - 2019 Course no.1

    Date 3rd Mar 2019 Wind NE 15~19 knts

    Start 14:45:00 Tide Flood

    Finish 16:05:14 Race Officer Doug Cameron

    Entrants 25 Race Mode Scratch
    Non Starters 0

    Placing Boat Name Finish Elapsed Handicap Corrected Position

    1 Honda Marine (DAVID McDIARMID, MATTHEW STEVENS, BRAD COLLINS ) 16:05:14 01:20:14 0.0 01:20:14 14

    2 AppliancesOnline.com.au (BRETT VAN MUNSTER, KURT FATOURIS, PHIL MARSHALL) 16:05:24 01:20:24 6.0 01:14:24 2

    3 Smeg (MICHAEL COXON, MIKE MCKENSEY, RICKY BRIDGE) 16:06:44 01:21:44 2.0 01:19:44 11

    4 ASKO Appliances (JAMES DORRON, HARRY BETHWAITE, TRENT BARNABAS) 16:07:12 01:22:12 2.0 01:20:12 12

    5 RMarine Pittwater (SIMON NEARN, FANG WARREN, BRANDON BUYNIK) 16:07:18 01:22:18 10.0 01:12:18 1

    6 Bing Lee (MICAH LANE, PETER HARRIS, SCOTT BABBAGE) 16:07:24 01:22:24 3.0 01:19:24 9

    7 The Oak Double Bay / 4 Pines (ARON EVERETT, COURTNEY MAHAR, HARRY HALL) 16:09:00 01:24:00 7.0 01:17:00 4

    8 Finport Finance (KEAGAN YORK, MATT STENTA, CHARLIE GUNDY) 16:09:06 01:24:06 2.0 01:22:06 20

    9 Yandoo (JOHN WINNING, MIKE KENNEDY, GRANT ROLLERSON) 16:09:08 01:24:08 7.0 01:17:08 6

    10 C-Tech (ALEX VALLINGS, SAM TRETHAWAY, MATT COUTTS) 16:09:21 01:24:21 3.0 01:21:21 17

    11 Noakesailing (SEAN LANGMAN, ED POWYS, NATHAN EDWARDS) 16:10:20 01:25:20 7.0 01:18:20 8

    12 Birkenhead Point Marina (TOM ANDERSON, NICK DALY, JOHN WALTON) 16:11:13 01:26:13 6.0 01:20:13 13

    13 Rag & Famish Hotel (BRYCE EDWARDS, JACOB BROOM, RORY COX) 16:12:37 01:27:37 8.0 01:19:37 10

    14 thekitchenmaker.com.au (JORDAN GIRDIS, TOM QUIGLEY, LACHLAN DOYLE) 16:12:47 01:27:47 5.0 01:22:47 21

    15 ASCC (JOSH POREBSKI, JACK SIMPSON, DAVE HAZARD) 16:13:01 01:28:01 2.0 01:26:01 24

    16 Marinepool (HEINRICH BAYERN, TOM MARTIN, ANDY MARTIN) 16:13:39 01:28:39 14.0 01:14:39 3

    17 Vintec (KIRK MITCHELL, DANIEL BARNETT, TIM WESTWOOD) 16:14:24 01:29:24 8.0 01:21:24 18

    18 Black Dog (JARROD SIMPSON, CAM MCDONALD, NICK MURRAY) 16:14:41 01:29:41 9.0 01:20:41 15

    19 Brisbane18Footer (DAVID HAYTER, ALEX WATSON, ELLIOTT MAHAR) 16:16:04 01:31:04 14.0 01:17:04 5

    20 Quality Marine Clothing (YVETTE HERITAGE, MARK MUIRHEAD, DANIEL McLACHLAN) 16:16:42 01:31:42 14.0 01:17:42 7

    21 Ilve (JONO WHITTY, PEDRO VOZONE, MUSTAFA INGHAM) 16:17:55 01:32:55 11.0 01:21:55 19

    22 Maersk Line (PERON PEARSE, HARRY CLARK, ELI LIEFTING) 16:19:58 01:34:58 14.0 01:20:58 16

    23 Dal Zotto (JACK SPRAGUE, TIM NARBOROUGH, JOSH FELDMAN) 16:20:45 01:35:45 12.0 01:23:45 22

    24 Lumix (KATIE LOVE, CHAD FREITAS, MATT DOYLE) 16:24:01 01:39:01 14.0 01:25:01 23

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