• Fort Ricasoli Under Siege

    Malta nativeKurt Arrigo caught this action at Fort Ricasoli on the Island's Grand Harbor und 50 knots of wind
    rolling across the Mediterranean Sea

    Originally built in 1670 for The Order of St John during the Crusades, it later became under French control in the late 1700's
    then under British rule in the 1800's before being turned over to the government of Malta in 1964.

    The Fort is currently off limits to the public and is controlled by the Malta Film Commision.
    Scenes from major motion pictures Gladiator, Troy, Agora, Assassin's Creed, and Entebbe have been filmed there
    as well as scenes from TV miniseries, Julius Caesar, Helen of Troy and Game of Thrones have been shot there as well.

    Besides yachting photography, Kurt shoots stills for the film industry, among other interests, and having access
    to the area is a rarity.

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