• Early AM Siesta For Saturday Starters While Small Boats Excell

    Onboard BadPak at Saturdays ORR1 Start

    Light air dominated the 1st day for ORR1 and ORR2 in the 2019 Cabo Race, and at the 10:00 update,
    the big, fast boats were in about the same position that the Thursday starters in ORR5 were for the same time period.

    Light conditions for Saturday's racing. Image courtesy NYYC Cabo Race

    The near complete fleet spread out along the Mexican Coast


    The big boats in ORR1 found some decent wind shortly after the start and had made their way to the border by 21:00 but then
    things went south. Literally. By 0500 this AM off the coast of Ensenada, a RIO 100 who had enjoyed a nice pace and building lead found herself dropping to 1 knot
    while the rest of the class caught up and headed west. The tight pack could not sustain momentum and by day break, the light air bubble reached them and
    provided an early morning siesta. Pressure appears to be "just over there" and if they can swim out to it, they can break free before the wind turns southerly,
    they can make up for lost time.

    The recent time for ORR1 looks sad, and if conditions remain the same, RIO 100 would need
    45 days to finish....


    The sleds also all made it to the border by 21:00 last night side by side, then Mr Bill and OEX made a westerly break from the pack
    where things got light and the 3 other boats, Taxi Dancer, Grand Illusion and Pyewacket made decent southerly progress in the 6 to 7 knot range
    until about 04:00 this morning at which time Taxi Dancer headed west and started chasing OEX and Mr Bill. Meanwhile TD and Pye have sailed themselves into the
    same hole that has devoured ORR1


    The OOR3 fleet has made steady progress the past 24 hours with VMG's all in the 6 plus
    range. Timeshaver leads on corrected while Good Call leads in miles sailed with the odometer
    clicking at 426 nm completed, 448 to go.


    The SC 50/52's had a reunighting late last night off Guadalupe Island before Hana Ho made a dash towards shore.
    The fleet has also enjoyed decent VMG's in the 6.3 and 6.6 range. Horizon is current division leader with a 3 hour plus
    corrected time advantage over Lucky Duck at this point with 486nm to go.


    The ORR gang have just passed Punta Eugenia, remain just ahead of ORR 4. Aloha has sprung back a bit from her flyer
    and as predicted used her outside angle to sail into the lead, albeit a narrow one of 42 minutes over Chubasco
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