• Wednesday 09:00 Update: A Flood Of Overnight Finishers

    With Aloha and Brigadoon just minutes from the finish, the count of boats completed the 800 nm
    Cabo Race will grow to 12, leaving just 10 boats on the course. 6 of those boats will be from Saturday's
    start of ORR 1 and ORR 2, 5 of which have retired, Mr Bill and Cal Maritime joining the retiree list.

    As predicted, the finish of ORR 5 was one for the books, with Marisol and Chubasco crossing at 23:00 and 23:03 respectively
    and Brown Eyed Girl 14 minutes after. A tip of the hat to Tom Barker and crew of Good Call that took lin honors on the boats
    maiden voyage, finishing at 20:05 (We'll have more on that shortly). Also impressive late charge by Bob Pethick and crew
    aboard Bretwalda 3 that snuck in just ahead of Marisol and Chubasco for 2nd overall in line honors.

    Fast Exit wins ORR3 with 3 plus hours to spare on corrected over Timeshaver.


    The 50/52 division ORR 4 Win goes to Horizon with Lucky Duck in 2nd, just not able to reel in the elusive Socal boat again.

    4 Boats, Hana Ho, Vela, Ande Ome and Blue Flash are all just a few hours out and then the big boys from ORR 1 and ORR2
    with between 100 nm ( Peligroso) to 191 nm ( Grand Illusion) to complete the monohull racing.

    We would be remiss to not mention Frank Stich's HH 55 Catamaran that is sort of racing. Solo. With 438 nm to go.

    Team Good Call aka Numero Uno

    Marisol Muchachos

    Bretwalda 3 Amigos
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