• The 1st 24 Hours Completed In Bermudes

    Bermuda 1000 Race Douarnenez - Brest: The Fastnet, first justice of the peace

    The first 24 hours of the Bermuda 1000 Race Douarnenez - Brest were very tactical to extricate themselves from the Brittany coast and climb into the Irish Sea. The progress towards the Fastnet lighthouse, which leaders should reach tomorrow in the late morning, will continue to be complex with a transition phase to manage: the wind will gradually move from the South-East to the North-West. This Friday night, the 17 solitaires are still in the race and the less experienced enjoy the conditions to handle the size of their impressive machines, but can not really rest. At the front of the race, Sébastien Simon, Sam Davies and Boris Herrmann set the pace, with very small gaps (just 1 mile at 17h). After the Fastnet, the riders will head for a virtual brand off the Azores.

    "This comeback to the Fastnet promises to be tough and tactical! " Cousin Manuel (SETIN Group) sets the tone in a message sent to the edge today. After suffering an area of ​​weak winds off Brittany last night, the 17 sailors of the Bermuda 1000 Race Douarnenez - Brest sailed this Friday in a flow of South / Southeast eastbound (10-13 knots) in the afternoon. The moments of respite have been extremely rare since the departure, in areas where the maritime traffic is particularly dense.


    The future conditions are not going to induce rest because it will be necessary to negotiate a transition phase. At the beginning of the night, the skippers will face an unstable and fresh wind from the North sector, enamelled with potentially violent grains. This flow of North will quickly turn North-West then West / North-West and it is therefore upwind that the runners will join the Fastnet lighthouse. The atmosphere will change and it will trade the spinnaker for flat sails. According to the latest routing, the fastest could reach the Fastnet tomorrow late morning, with relatively small differences between leaders.

    Still 17 in race, a trio Simon / Davies / Herrmann at the controls

    The conditions are demanding, demanding but also manageable. They allow the solitaires not to be picked cold. In fact, just 24 hours after the start, given yesterday at 17h, no major race was reported and all IMOCA remained in the race. "The light wind is ideal for understanding how the boat works. I have so much to learn, " says Miranda Merron (Campaign of France). Sam Davies (Heart Initiatives) is also delighted with the start of the race in the light of the weather: "We are spoiled, this is welcome for this first solo race of 2019. The boat is working well, I find my marks, the maneuvers are happening. good for now. " With Sebastien Simon (ARKEA PAPREC) and Boris Herrmann (Malizia - Moncao Yacht Club), Sam is making a very compact trio of heads (1 mile away at 17h!). The three leaders probably sailed for part of the day.


    For the runners, the challenge is tonight to position well in view of the upcoming wind shift. Everyone maneuver and "knit" on the road to Fastnet, a blow to the North, a blow to the West. Behind the three leaders was Fabrice Amedeo (Newrest -Art & Fenêtres) and Maxime Sorel (V and B - Sailing Together), an IMOCA rookie credited with an excellent start to the race. "I did not expect to be so well placed in the standings. In these conditions, the speed differential between my boat and the foil boats is not important "says Maxime, who, with his boat with straight fins, can hope to stay in contact with the leaders in the near future conditions. Behind, it is likely that rankings evolve from hour to hour, depending on the positioning of each compared to the great circle (direct route). The passage to the Fastnet lighthouse (to be left to port) will make it possible to make a precise inventory of rankings and deviations.

    The Top 5 at 17h (French time) Friday 10 May:

    1. Sébastien Simon (ARKEA PAPREC): 1,823.3 miles from the finish

    2. Sam Davies (Heart Initiatives): 0.5 miles from the leader

    3. Boris Herrmann (Malizia - Monaco Yacht Club): 1.1 miles from the leader

    4. Fabrice Amedeo (Newrest-Art & Windows): 11.5 miles from the leader

    5. Maxime Sorel (V and B - Sailing Together): 11.6 miles from the leader

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