• Bermuda 1000 Teams Near The Azores

    With elastic straps

    If the day yesterday was toned, with a southeast flow blowing between 25 and 35 knots on a short sea, the 17 solitaries of Bermuda 1000 Race Douarnenez - Brest have significantly slowed the pace since last night. In the key, many maneuvers to perform for each other, but also and especially a few strokes of elastic classification. The current leader, Sébastien Simon has seen his lead decrease by more than half in the last 24 hours. At present, the skipper of ARKEA PAPREC is "counting" more than 18 miles ahead of his nearest pursuer after counting to 50, and this gap should not stop making the yoyo from here to waypoint of the Azores. And for good reason, the approach of this virtual brand,

    " After 24 hours in the strong wind, the wind eased during the night. In a short time, we went from GV 2 reef - to high - genoa GV through the J2. No need to tell you that it was not a good night for rest, but rather the feast of the maneuver! "Commented Stéphane Le Diraison (Time for Oceans) at midday, then moving upwind, in a south sector flow of about fifteen irregular knots, both in strength and direction. Same story on the side of Clement Giraud (Envol by Fortil). " That night, we had a big soft area. More air at all. At one point I woke up, I did not know where the wind was coming from. I made a 360 ° but now, the wind is strengthening again and will continue to rise over the afternoon, "said the Toulonnais who must, like the others, keep an eye open and constantly adapt to changes in the air. " We must stay active to be on the various settings and especially be ready to do the opposite maneuver ," said Maxime Sorel (V and B - Sailing Together) who pulls well in the game in the small group formed by Yannick Bestaven (Maître Coq), Giancarlo Pedote (Prysmian), Fabrice Amedeo (Newrest - Art & Windows) and Damien Seguin (APICIL Group).

    Stay focused on your goals

    All those are currently held in less than ten miles and whip hard to pick up the top trio always composed of Sebastien Simon (ARKEA PAPREC), Boris Herrmann (Malizia - Monaco Yacht Club) and Sam Davies (Heart Initiatives), not unhappy, they either to find conditions a little more comfortable than the day before. " When you go as fast as yesterday, it is difficult to live, to brush your teeth, to eat. Life is suspended when it is so violent! Said the British sailor. The same feeling on the part of his compatriot, Pip Hare whose boat, a Roland plan built in 1999, was logically put to the test in the strong wind. " The weather has been rough and this is the first time that Superbigou has traveled so many kilometers for a long time. This is probably why I find myself faced with a concern mullet. I am disappointed, of course, but I am also determined to solve this problem. I remain focused my goal, which is to cross the finish line in Brest, regardless of my position, "commented the journalist who now occupies the 16th place, 200 miles from the leader.

    Tomorrow at midday at the Azores brand

    Two hundred miles is roughly what remains to Sebastien Simon to cross the next mark of the course. If we rely on the latest routes, it is tomorrow at mid-day that the playmaker should overflow the waypoint located in the north of the archipelago of the Azores. But contrary to appearances, the road to achieve this will not be so simple. Not only, the Sablais will have to negotiate at best the west wind shift expected in the coming hours before going directly to this obligatory crossing point, but also deal with the wind which should continue to make the yo yo a moment, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker. In this context, it is a safe bet that the gaps are made and get rid of regularly. What to play with the nerves of some, galvanize others,

    17 hours clocking : 1. Sébastien Simon (Arkéa - Paprec) at 1 095.7 miles from the finish; 2. Boris Herrmann (Malizia II - Monaco Yacht Club) 18.5 miles from the leader; 3. Sam Davies (Heart Initiatives) at 31.3 m; 4. Yannick Bestaven (Master Rooster IV) at 52.2 m; 5. Giancarlo Pedote (Prysmian) 57 m; 6. Maxime Sorel (V and B - Sailing Together) at 58.2 m; 7. Fabrice Amedeo (Newrest - Art and Windows) at 61.6 m; 8. Damien Seguin (Apicil Group) at 63.4 m; 9. Clement Giraud (Envol by Fortil) at 77 m; 10. Arnaud Boissières (La Mie Câline - Artipôle) at 85.3; 11. Stéphane The Time for Oceans at 86.4 m; 12. Manuel Cousin (Setin Group) at 115.1 m; 13. Miranda Merron (Campaign of France) at 149.2 m, 14. Alexia Barrier (4myplanet) at 169.3 m; 15. Ari Huusela (Ariel II) at 197 m; 16. Pip Hare (Superbigou) at 208 m; 17. Denis Van Weynbergh (eyesea.be ) at 213.5 m.



    Boris Herrmann Reports:

    We have been sailing into the sunset in sight of each other with Initiatives and v and b. Just after sunset we went simultaneously from code zero to j2. I bagged and stacked the sail. From there I had a very symmetric sequence of reefing and unreefing up till now. At its strongest I would see 26 knots with j3 and 2 reefs. Now back to one reef and j2.
    The boat jumping around and making erratic movements for most of the day held me from doing anything else then trimming or sleeping. A quick meal and some glances at the computer.

    In the bunk some of the impact were even painful. Sitting u had to watch your back. These boats are so stiff !

    The first morning light came out as a shy golden stripe under a carpet like grey sky. Just short then pure grey all morning.
    Around lunchtime sun is out and spirits rise. I try to send a video but something does not work. Very satisfactory though the solar. Over a few hours sun light it charged the batteries fully.

    Now back to a grey blue mix. Lumpy clumsy sea state and some hatch impacts still but getting better. Initiatives reappears back on the ais 11 miles from here.
    I thought I keep some height in the bank to be able to speed up a bit with the heading and lightening winds we expect.
    It has been relaxing to sail the day alone kind of without eye or ais sight of anyone. Just on my own. It feels like a coastal race sprint a bit. But no coast in sight. It puts some pressure to see other people around and constantly checking for matching speed but better like that.

    Wrong decision was not to take the water maker. What was I thinking? I drink much more than I thought. Almost 10 liters on the second day. No worries. Will manage.
    Wonder how the rest of the fleet is feeling about this Sunday.

    Would be nice to debrief quickly in the bar in Brest and then go back to work.
    Never so keen on dinner. l force myself to eat something. Ah and i called my mum. Mums day. But no answer. Ha.
    I wonder what my little dog would behave like here. Would she just chill ? With all the noise ? That’s what I think when I try to sleep. I imagine her attitude. Always ready to sleep.

    Ok goal for this week. Get around the waypoint. Back to Brest. Get over the flue. Maintain a good position. Don’t damage anything. Enjoy this weeks “different” lifestyle. Trying to be aware of what we are doing here. Highlight of my day: in the greyest and most lumpy-stormy moment my girlfriend asking by email if the dolphins were still with me. These bastards they hide when it gets rough! But picturing them playing behind made me laugh. Dolphins really are nice weather players. I have never seen them in the grey world.


    Boris Update

    The next big event this night will be the passage of a cold front. I try to be rested and have the boat organized for that. Sometimes it’s more brutal than expected. I am not so sure about this one. 40 knots are possible.
    The associated wind shift to the right or from sw to nw will be the moment for my tack on to the final beat to the Azores waypoint.
    It will be gusty, rainy nasty with crossed seas as usual. So let’s close the eyes and get through this.
    Would love to know the other skippers opinions and outlooks. Giovanni Soldini told me that back in the days in the around alone or Boc challenge races around the world they were constantly chatting on short wave radios. Nowadays no one has these any more. There is no such technology for that kind of sea man chatting any more. Or maybe not that kind of sea men and women neither.

    Further ahead after we have passed the waypoint conditions promise to be moderate and decent.
    Not quite the outlook I like for the night. Would be nicer to be able to see this coming during the day. I will use sat pictures but won’t be able to see the clouds.
    It is very warm on this side. Sunny now since a while too. For a few hours I had been able to sail at 70 degrees to the wind. An open angle. Fast and nice. Gradually the wind will clock forward and it will become a slower upwind exercise for the rest of the day.
    For now I enjoy a few hours of this including full solar charge dry and warm air.

    I wonder about the terrestrial life of my friends. How is your week forecast? Bmw is doing a video shoot with Team Malizia and Pierre Casiraghi in Monaco using the gc32 catamaran. I wish the make up person of the video team could treat my red nose. Ha

    Can’t wait to pass the waypoint. It’s a much better feeling to sail towards a land mark than a virtual mark. Sailing back to Brest. I like that idea ok. Could I have chosen I would have made the race go to MONACO of course or at least a sunny place somewhere further south. Eta is Friday.
    Boris Herrmann

    Bermudes 1000 Race
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