• Monsoon Irene

    The Crew of Monsoon Irene enjoy a cold one after a a cool, moist day in May on the Bay.

    A very unusual deluge, mor March like brought 20 knots plus and over an inch of rain to the Central Bay on Saturday
    but the hard core were not deterred! 23 J-105's, 4 Express 27's, 5 J-70's, 13 Knarrs and 2 Etchells braved the elements
    for the SFYC's Elite Keel Regatta, which challenged not only the sailors but the RC, as Principal Race Officer Jeff Zarwell explains:

    Another wild weekend of racing. Five fleets, 52 boats...now the twist, wind out of the south in late May. Rain, rain and more rain. We got in all of our races Saturday and the race committee (fully water-logged) returned on Sunday for what was expected to be a "cake-walk" day.

    With 5 races to get off before we can go home, we have an emergency. A competitor gets hit in the head with the boom of the boat he's racing on.

    In the middle of a start sequence we get the sailor off their boat on to one of our mark boats, which happens to have a nurse on board. She triages him and decides we need to get him to the hospital now.

    I focus all of my attention on contacting the Coast Guard and Tiburon Fire Dept. (they have a fire boat with paramedics), coordinate a pick-up and send the mark boat towards Tiburon to rendezvous with the fireboat.

    Completed, I now have to contact the yacht club and advise them of the situation and that all is under control.

    Once all of that was completed, I returned my attention to the race. I expected to have some problems that needed tending to, but no, with the fantastic group of volunteers I had this weekend, they got the start off without a hitch and were ready and waiting to start the next fleet. Seems they didn't really need me. They had it all under control.

    I get credited for consistently putting on good quality races, but I can't do that without a talented team. For that, a HUGE thank you goes out to the following: Suzie Moore, Roxanne Fairbairn, Shawn Davies, Lynn Spiller, Jane Chope, Dave Krone, Stephen Fentress, Tony Scott, Mark Blumenkranz, Alex P Rothenberg, Mary Grant (our nurse), Jack McLaughlin, Michelle Masood, Kam Masood and Paul Morani. You were all rock stars this weekend! Thank you so much!