• Esprit de corps IV Recovery Underway

    The Ocean Sailboat Spirit of corps iv in return of its race season in the Caribbean has failed on cross island, around 4 AM AST, this Wednesday, may 22th.

    While the sailboat was only 20 NM from its arrival Port Lunenburg, NS, and under very reduced wing, strong coastal winds of up to 50 kts have complicated the maneuver of the of the wing Just before the entrance in the channel leading to the port. The strong gusts and a failure of the propulsion system finally pushed the sailboat to cross island where it failed. A Pan Pan call was launched by radio to ask for a tow, but a water lane finally brought up the emergency level in mayday.

    The Skipper of the ferry, Maxime Grimard, in consistency with his sea survival certifications and the safety protocols of the atlas sailing team decided to prioritize the integrity of the crew in his decisions throughout the event.

    The 8 Sailboat Team members benefited from the exemplary support of the Canadian Coast Guard, as well as the MV salvage monarch tug to be evacuated safely to lunenburg. The full crew is safe and sound and there is no injured.

    The Atlas Racing team has immediately set up a waste and debris disposal management protocol on the coast to limit the environmental impact of the event (plan presented to the Canadian coast guard environmental intervention section).

    The Atlas Sailing Team, Maxime Grimard, as well as the official owner and skipper of the sailboat Gilles Barbot are in full planning of towing in collaboration with the insurance and local experts for an initiative within the fastest time possible.

    We will keep you informed of the steps of the recovery of the wreck that will follow an inspection and assessment of possible repairs or not as soon as the water comes out.

    Thank you for your support.

    The Atlas Team
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    At 4am AST on the 22nd of May, whilst returning from a season of racing in the Caribbean, SV Esprit de Corps IV was shipwrecked on Cross Island, NS.

    20nm before Lunenburg, NS, her final port of destination, and under a very reduced set of sails, gale force winds complicated the manoeuvre of dousing the sails before entering the chanel leading to Lunenburg. The strong gusts and a loss of the ability to use the propeller led the boat to drift towards Cross Island where she ran aground. The crew prompted a PAN PAN to get the boat towed but later a water breech made the situation to upgrade to MAYDAY.

    Maxime Grimard, skipper of the delivery of Esprit de Corps IV, acted in accordance with his safety in offshore sailing certifications and with the team's safety procedures by protecting the crew first and foremost.

    The 8 crew members of the sailboat wish to thank the Canadian Coast Guard and the crew of MV Salvage Monarch for their exemplary assistance in evacuating the crew. All members of the crew returned to land safe and sound.

    After the crew, the team's next priority became the recuperation of the vessel for environmental reasons and in order to salvage any equipment left. The team has set a protocol in motion to handle the recovery of any wasteful debris, in collaboration with Environmental Response of the Canadian Coast Guard.

    Atlas Ocean Racing, Maxime Grimard, and Gilles Barbot (owner and official skipper of the boat), the insurance company and local experts, are actively seeking the most cost-efficient and practical solutions to recover what's left of the boat as soon as possible.

    We will keep you informed of the next steps in the recovery of the shipwreck. The goal is to return the boat ashore for inspection and evaluation of damage and potential repairs.

    Thanks for your support,

    Atlas Ocean Racing Team
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