• ~ Solitaire Urgo the Figaro: the crash ~

    Wednesday morning very early, Simone and I went to the boarding of a gigantic cargo. Pirate Flag out, knife between the teeth, we are gone to the assault of this ship to a dozen miles from the dst d ' Ouessant!

    I'm kidding a little now but you can imagine that this act of involuntary piracy was unfortunately not so glorious...

    It was already the beginning of our fourth day at sea, on the way to Ireland. I had managed to sleep a little on the start of the race, despite very unstable and weak wind conditions, but the fatigue was starting to be felt. The third night had been very difficult: in the broth of the raz de sein, wind against current, swell skewed, I had the evil of sea all the second part of night. I couldn't eat anymore or drink without it going out and I lost a lot of energy.

    The day was getting up, I knew I was going to a part of the sea where I had to be attentive. I'm moving to a dozen miles from the traffic rail of the cargo cargo trucks.

    On the eve in the cockpit, I'm going to sleep against sleep. Unfortunately, I fell asleep without realize it... and the awakening was pretty brutal. A HUGE "bong", boat arrested net, I raise my head and see a huge blue and red wall. Neither one nor two I took over my minds and picked up the bar. I plowed the cargo and came out in its wake. A little buzzed, I'm doing Simone's turn. We obviously broke the tip of the nose, but overall she's doing well. No water lane and the mat seems intact.

    I feel ready to continue to Ireland despite the end out in cauliflower. I join the race direction with whom we take the most wise decision to divert to brest to check in a more serene way than Simone is no more damaged.

    Half tour so and abandonment on this first stage... as well as on the second because the timing to rally Ireland before the second departure was very short by counting the time of verification and repair, especially with the storm approaching (a big thought For our lifeguards of the snsm at my place in the sands).

    I'm very disappointed obviously but I know I'm shooting lessons and learning from all of this.

    I'm going to prepare my next two steps and give the best of what I can and always continue to learn.

    Thank you to all the organization and the race direction for having taken in hand my return to brest, to the whole team of the Duo Mixte by Marc Guillemot and to Klaxoon Klaxoon Team Voile for the takeover of the earth and To all my friends in brest for their welcome that cheered me up and all your messages of encouragement!

    And a big congrats to matthieu for his beautiful 18th place on this stage!

    We wish him good luck on the second one who was leaving today!

    Simone is now fixed, see you in roscoff!


    La Solitaire URGO Le Figaro
    Classe Figaro Bnteau
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