• A Fast Trip Around The Stinky Rocks

    Her 1st trip around the "Fear-alones" turned out to be a near life altering experience
    for Caroline Lane who snapped this sweet image aboard Gregory Dorn's Dehler 46' Favonius.

    "Absolutely shattered! First ever ocean race complete Iíve been wanting to do the Farallones race for years and it finally happened!!!
    I didnít take any sea sickness pills as I wanted to understand how my body would react. The potato patch lived up to its expectations,
    the Farallones islands were as raw and awesome as people had described, and the whole race was a great mental challenge for me.
    I had a couple hours of nausea but managed to turn it around finished 5 out of 13, in 6 hours and 21 minutes, which Iím super
    happy with as this is a brand new boat with new crew and our rating isnít accurate. Would I do it again?
    Hell yeah but with sea sickness pills btw... incredible and super talented crew - learnt so, so much today "

    The Crew of Favonious enjoying the ride back

    The crew of Ray Paul's Swan 53' Blue on their way to corrected overall victory and 1st in PHRO 1

    Seadon Wijsen called the shots on Blue elaborates on the day:

    "Beautiful, perfect Farallones Day! The conditions offshore smoothed out quite nicely and we were able to reach
    out the whole way! A fast ebb out and nice wind on the way back. A strange wind hole formed off of Seal Rocks
    that slowed us down, but Condor and Hana Ho had both sailed further south and Condor had to beat back up along Ocean Beach,
    with Hana Ho squeaking by on a tight reach until the wind all but died, so we got a reset there, and a localized southwestely formed
    off Baker Beach, and we Saw Condor go int to get it and we followed them in and got back in the race at that point."

    Sandy Andersen Wertenan was crewing for Scott Smith aboard the Beneteau First Quantum and all was glorious until it wasn't...

    I got slammed by 8 ft wave into the bulkhead of cockpit.
    I was on Jib sheet (release). Thought I was knocked out. Ended a 36 year streak of no serious injuries
    ever aside from occasional finger jam elbow or knee bump! Never had an accident remotely close to this.
    It wouldnít have happened on an e-37 or an SC50!

    Sandy would get to the ER and be out by 8:00 PM with no less than 18 stitches and an aching noggin.

    The crew of Raven nabbed this shot of champagne sailing as they reached the Island

    Hano Ho having a swell time. Mark Dowdy elates: "Epic conditions, just beautiful weather! We thought we might get a spinnaker
    run out but the wind shifted and we rode the A3 all the way to the Islands. Definitely the fastest ride out we have ever had!
    A little cool on the way out abut very nice on way back in. If it was like this for every Farallones Race, we would have a logjam of boats
    racing in it!"

    Hana actually passed Condor at the gate and held on until Anita Rock, where the Antrime 40' with its lightweight and large sail area was able
    to recover what they had given away earlier for 40 second margin victory.

    "We had them and were on our way to glory" Chuckles Mark " But they came back and stole it from us!"

    Peregrine's John Verodia and Mike O'Callaghan have sailed on the J-120 around the Farallones dozens of times and 3 times doublehanded.
    This weekend they would be joined by 7 crew which had never sailed a Farallones race.

    A" Picture Perfect Conditions" John exclaims "A 3.6 knot ebb to get us out on jibtop the #1 until 5-6 miles out in 14-16 knot of wind, then 18-22
    to the islands. Never tacked, jibed at the Islands at about 1:00 pm and then rode back in on port tack the whole way. We stayed in the flood coming back'
    and caught the South Westerly near the gate, and enjoyed the mellow ride back to the finish. No stress no mess:


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