• Angry Beaver Rings The Bell

    Team Angry Beaver finished the 2019 Race 2 Alaska @ 14:56 today to claim the $10,000.00
    cash prize, a 12 pack of cold beer and the 1st to ring the bell honors.

    The team of Matt Pistay, Gavin Bracket, Brent Campbell, Alan Johnson, Mats Elf, Simon Miles sailed the Shock 40 canting
    keel boat, formerly known as Secret Squirrel and then Velvet Hammer. The boat had gone under years of improvements and
    adjustments under the most recent owners Zachary Anderson and Will Paxton, and while almost ready for prime time, the two found a deal too
    good to pass up in a race proven J-125, that just had fewer moving parts to break. The current Velvet Hammer won the 2019 CORW, and is
    awaiting the start of the 2019 Transpac.

    Meanwhile, the Shock 40 had been donated to the Richmond Yacht Club's Skiff Sailing Foundation

    The Skiff Sailing Foundation is a 501c3 publicly supported qualified amateur sports organization dedicated to the promotion and support of High Performance Sailing. Our organization aims to increase the popularity and accessibility of the sport by providing equipment and funding to those with national and international sailing goals. We specialize in transitioning sailors into fast boats and giving them the best chance for success in their endeavors.
    Many boats are donated to the foundation and are utilized for training purposes, and eventually sold with proceeds to keep the program alive. The skiff sailing foundation received a request from their PNW
    counterparts who have the skillset to make he run at ultimate capacity, and this race certainly testifies to that end. "We are both proud of her accomplishments today and that she is getting the love
    she deserves, and not just becoming another flowerpot"
    Zach and Will

    Finished by a large 100 mile lead over 2nd place boats Shut Up and Drive & Sail Like A Girl, last years winner,
    which are both battling for that coveted set of steak knives...
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