• Bol D'OR Mirabaud An Unexpected Blast

    Converging disturbances wreaked have on the Bold'Or Mirabaud on Lake Geneva Saturday, with winds in excess of 50 knots, hail lightning and thunderstorms, before clearing out. Many DNF's litter the course yet the race continues...

    image ©raffica sailing team

    The Bol d’Or Mirabaud is the most important inland lake regatta in the world.
    Started in 1939, it welcomes mono-hulls and multihulls each year on Lake Geneva, starting in Geneva,
    Switzerland. More than 500 boats encounter each other on this 123 kilometer (66.5 nautical miles)
    course from Geneva to Le Bouveret and back.
    Bol d'Or Mirabaud 2019 - 14-16 June 2019.


    image©François Guinchard

    photo Realteam Sailing

    Calm before the "stormy" storm?
    At the rear of this first degradation, sunshine will become generous with the establishment of a breeze regime . But the probable formation of an important stormy disturbance at first between Lyon and Dijon , could work well as a vacuum cleaner and reinforce the breezes of north-east on Lake Geneva. Other thunderstorms should also originate from the Savoyard Prealps in the French Prealps .

    These two stormy areas , the one coming from France and the one developing on the Prealps will be able to merge and cross the Lemanic basin (in principle even all the north of the Alps) by producing violent gusts, heavy rains, hail and numerous impacts of lightning.

    These bursts should mainly have an SW to NW orientation , but on the Upper Léman of the Vaudaire storm will be previously possible. After this stormy episode, a wind from West to North-West (Joran) sensitive could blow a few more hours.

    On the Haut-Léman we could have a phase of Vaudaire (bursts of SE) then a rocking with gusts of NW.

    The trajectory, time and magnitude of this stormy deterioration will remain to be clarified in the short term , but the most likely time slot is between 17h00 and 19h00 (+/- 1h).

    These strong variations of the winds during the day will force the navigators to redouble their vigilance and lightning maneuvers like those practiced on the "black pot" in tropical region (alternation of stormy grains and periods of great calm).

    image©François Guinchard

    The gun announcing the start of the Bol d’Or Mirabaud sounded at 10:00 this morning, with a light southwest breeze. The fleet of 465 departed under a ray of sun, in mostly light conditions, which were expected to improve during the afternoon – until the arrival of storms that could be strong during the day or early evening.

    It’s Safram, helmed by Christophe Peclard, that rounded the extension mark first at Genthod, followed by Realteam and Okalys . The race is tight with the Décision 35 fleet in the lead. In the wake of the big multihulls come the M2s with the Swiss Medical Network team leading.
    Monohulls started the race with spinnakers flying.

    The road is still long and arduous. The conditions haven’t yet stabilized and the unpredictable weather will likely provide some surprises to the crews.
    For more specifics on the weather conditions of this 2019 edition, visit the Météo Suisse website:

    image©François Guinchard

    image©François Guinchard