• 2019 Transpac PD Preview

    This 50th editions of the Transpac is one to behold and with 90 boat in 12 divisions, it certainly will be an entertaining
    one to observe, even if you are not lucky enough to be there in person chugging across the Pacific!
    Here is a preview of what might happen and what little we know....

    Division 6 has 11 boats ranging from the Figaro Beneteau 3 foiler A Fond Le Girafon,
    2 Farr 57's, a Tripp 56' and a few 40' boats in the mix. Drew Belk's Beneteau First 40 Precepts II has previous experience,
    finishing 3rd in division in 2015 and the Bene's are rating happy boats, so we'll pick them to win with the Farr 57'
    Ho'okolohe in the podium mix as well

    Division 7 has 7 boats with the 67' S&S Yawl Chubasco with a handful of ringers onboard, so barring something breaking,
    it's her division to win, w e can't help but imagine the crew of Robert Youngjohns XC50 Isla popping a chute with the Raptors logo
    on it and dogging Elvis all the way across the pond...

    Division 8 is 3 Hobie 33's, a J-105 and a Farr 36'. Normally we would take the Hobie 33's to win but when you have Dean Treadway & Company
    on Sweet Okole doing it's umpteenth Pacific crossing, it would be unwise to guess against them. Aloha has some unfinished business
    and Mayhem the local favorite, so we'l pick them as podium placers.

    Just 4 boats in Division 9 and Russ Johnson's Jeaneau 52.2 Blue Moon has Paul Kamen doing the navigation, so we'll go with them
    and 2nd and 3rd up for grabs

    The Cal 40 Division is 6 boats strong and has 3 SF Bay boats in the mix. Rodney Pimentel's Azure and Donald Jesberg's Viva and Robert Horton's Highlander
    have all been busy of late and doing well in the offshore events, they should be thankful Jim Quanci's Green Buffalo is not competing this year so they have a chance!

    Division 3 sports an impressive 13 boats, many pedigree racers and boats to choose from, and with 4 J-125's in the mix it would not be hard not to imagine
    a J-125 podium sweep, but way too much talent in the field for that to happen. We do like the team lineup on Velvet Hammer with Chris Kramer joining the team
    after years with his previous boat Six Brothers doing so well and Zachary Anderson and Will Paxton along with Ian Rogers and Andrew McCormick on board to take
    the division.

    The Santa Cruz 50 & 52 Division has an amazing 11 boats duking it out and should be a great division to observe. Expect a dogfight to the end between John Shultze's Horizon,
    (with Bay Area talent Ben Amen, Evelyn Hull and Kelsey Tostenson aboard) and Dave MacEwen's Lucky Duck and Michael Moradzadeh's Oaxaca, featuring Liz Baylis and Dee Caffari, and So Cal
    Aces aboard Scott Deardorff and Bill Guilfoyles Prevail

    Division 5 is a small 3 boat fleet, so they will all be on the podium, But Tom Parker's Swan 60, Good Call getting the most comfortable ride award, Patrick Broughton's Kialoa II
    winning the sentimental favorite award and Lowell Potiker's Hylas 70' Runaway a dark horse favorite to correct out in division.

    The last start on Saturday will feature the Big Boys and The Fast Multi's.
    15, count them, 15 vessels in Division 1, with 2 100 footers racing for different goals. Jim Clarke's Comanche is now the proud possession
    of Jim Cooney and Samantha Grant, and have nearly an entirely different cast than in previous years, they still have Stan Honey picking the path of greatest pressure
    and least resistance, look for them to possibly set a new monohull record and monohull line honors, with Manouch Moshayedi in their wake with Barn Door hopes
    in their vision...Tom Holthus and his Boys in Blue on the mighty Pac52' Badpak came up just short of correcting out as overall winners in 2017 and would love to
    achieve that this year, but Philip Turners RP 66' Alive has been on a tear of late and didn't come all the way from OZ to be runner up....

    The Sleds are a solid 9 and have the renewed Merlin among them. You never bet against Roy Disney's Pyewacket but the revamped crew on Jim Yabsley's Taxi Dancer
    with Trevor Baylis, Malcom Park and Hogan Beatie on board and Merlin's new configuration might just pull the upset.

    In the Multihull racing division, 3 Mod 70's and the Iren's 63' Paradox a trimaran that reeks of potential and has Xavier Le Moel and Oliver Vigoureux from France aboard,
    so paint them as a dark horse, but between Argo, Maserati and PowerPlay only breakage should keep them from a Mod70 sweep? Maserati has slowly been dialing in their foiling system
    and in 2017 finished in 4 days, 12 hours and change. With any luck they might eclipse Mighty Merloe's 2017 elapsed time of 04:06:32:30, but if the foils fail, Argo and Powerplay should
    be dueling for the top to spots....

    And now onto the weather:

    We have dialed up Windyty's interpretation of the 1st 6 days of racing and it looks good, especially for the Wednesday starters...
    If the dig south, they should get propelled into some early trades and get a healthy lead on Friday and Saturdays boats...

    THAT SAID, Going to go out on rickety limb here and project a blindfolded dart throw pick for overall corrected winner:
    With a two day head start on the Division 3 boats and light being right in 2019 we are going with Division 8 getting the needed
    pressure and lead to stave off later divisions and Sweet Okole bringing home The Big Kahuna Award!

    July 10th ( Divisions 1, 6-9 and Cal 40 Start)

    July 11th

    July 12th (Divisions 3-5 Start)

    July 13th Divisions 1 & 2 & 0 Start)

    July 14th

    July 15th
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