• July 11th Morning Position Update

    (Note: all info disseminated from the 4 hour delayed chart info provided)

    In Division 6, 11 boats have reached a more consistent breeze, with Cecil and Alyson Rossi's Farr 57' Ho okolohe
    currently leading the mono and overall Line Honors doing 10.4 knots with 137nm under their belts, yet are corrected out by
    Scot Grealish's J-121 Blue Flash, with 122nm sailed. Currently 3rd in division, Joe Markee' Swede 50' Ohana making 8.9 knots with 118 sailed.

    Division 7 features the crowd favorite the 67' S&S Yawl Chubasco out front making an even 10 knots with 121 sailed thus far.
    Michael Yokell's luxurious Oyster 56' Quester is 2nd in division making 9.1 knots and 116 nm completed.
    3rd in division, Mike Sudo's Beneteau First 47.7 Macondo, easing along at 8.6 knots with 116 sailed.

    In the 5 boat Division 3, Dean Treadway's Farr 36 Sweet Okole leads with 108 nm completed and is going 7.9 knots
    David Gorney's J105 No Compromise is a tad further north than the others and lays in 2nd, making 7.5 knots with 107 under the keel.
    Kyle Vanderspek's Hobie 33' Aloha retains 3rd in division. doing 7.6knots with 105nm done. Her sister ships Dark Star and Mayhem are both
    digging south and sailing a longer route at higher speed, so we'll see what shakes out...

    The 4 boat Division 9 is led by Christian Doegl's Swan 461 Free, chugging along at 8.7 knots and 117nm behind her transom.
    Ian Ferguson's Wasa 55 Nadelos holds on to 2nd, making 8.1 knots and 107 nm in the rear view mirror.
    Russ Johnson's Jeanneau 52.2' Blue Moon is in 3rd, with 8.3 knots and 106 nm gone by.

    The Cal 40 Division has broken into 3 parts with Highlander to the north and Nalu V to the south.
    Donal Jesberg's Viva leads, white 8.7 knots of speed and having burned through 113 nm.
    Rodney Pimentel's Azure in 2nd with 7.8 knots and 109 nm consumed.
    The Eddy Family's Callisto currently resides in 3rd, making 7.8 knots with 102 nm gone by.
    The Cal 40's are 1st, 2nd,3rd and 4th in ORR ...
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