• July 13th Position Updates

    On Saturday 7/13 we have two distinctive masses headed towards the Hawaiian Islands, the Friday starters
    have all reach the windline and are making good speed, 8+ to 11 knots as they dive south well below the rumbline.

    Some 300 nm ahead, give or take, the Wednesday fleet has seen e wind shift aft and the reaching kites begin to appear.
    This fleet is precariously close to a light air bubble that will linger through the weekend before dispersing and spreading then
    rebuilding to the east at end of week. There will be a tight line to skirt across the worst of it and timing will be everything.

    A closer examination the individual divisions

    The 13 boat division 3 will be one of the most contested, with tight bunch of 40 plus footer, very equal in rating and most stacked with talent from across the globe.
    At this early stage, Shawn Bennett's Andrew 56' Cipango has stay north of all aside Katara for a shorter course to have a slide edge corrected over
    Bob Pethick's Rogers 46' Bretwalda 3 as well as light edge over current 3rd place corrected, Katara, the J-145 owned by Roger Gatewood. It is worth noting that
    Reinrag, Snoopy and and Zero Gravity have dug further south and might just leverage that to slingshot ahead in coming hours and days.

    The SC 50-52 division is intermixed with the aforementioned group above. Because there are enough of each, there are two leaders in the group.
    Steve Sellingers Triumph currently holds overall crown for 50/52 as well as the 50's. Meanwhile John Shultze's Horizon is wearing the
    50's Tiara. It's worth noting that Horizon has drafted some NorCal talent for the slide to Hulaville, Ben Amen, Evelyn Hull and Kelsey Tostenson, all RYC product.
    In second, Dave MacEwen's Lucky Duck is the closest to a cheeseburger in paradise and up to the north, Scott Deardorff and Bill Guilfoyle' Prevail

    The 3 boat division 5 has spread out already with Tom Barker's 60' Swan, Good Call outpacing Patrick Broughton's S&S 73' Kialoa II and Lowell Potiker's
    Hylas 70' Runaway. (One gets the feeling we can cut and pace this for the next week or so...)

    Back with the Wednesday starters, specifically Division 6, we note that Cecil and Alyson's Farr 57' Ho okolohe remains 1st in division, Line Honors and Monohull line honors.
    Drew Belk's Beneteau First 40 Precepts II which is the northernmost boat in group is in 2nd, and Scott Grealish's J-121 Blue Flashis in 3rd and at the bottom of the
    group, latitude wise.

    Division 7 has Michael Yokell's Oyster 56' Quester maintains a corrected lead over The Chubby Syndicate and their Elvis toting 67' S&S Yawl Chubasco.
    But Chubby be further south, so don't be surprised to see that lead change over next 48 hours. Paul Stemler's J-44 Patriot is in Chubby's wake in 3rd. Macondo, Mike Sudo's Beneteau 47.7 has retired with rudder problems.

    Division 8, now a 3 horse race shows David Gomey's J-105 No Compromise still clutching 1st, but has a large wind hole looming and may either
    stall out or be forced to dive deep to avoid stalling. Dean Treadway's Farr 36' Sweet Okole is in 2nd at moment, but should leapfrog ahead and
    the Lemke/Lawson Hobie 33' Dark Star should enjoy some advancement as well.

    Division 9 has 4 boats, yet has become a 3 horse race, with Ian Ferguson's Wasa 55' Nadelos in 1st with
    Christian Doegl's Swan 461 Free in 2nd and Russ Johnson's Jeanneau 52.2 Blue Moon in 3rd.

    The 5 boat Cal 40's are a tight group, with Don Jesberg's Viva holding a 3 hour + corrected lead over Steve Calhoun's Psyche
    which in turn, currently has a 3 minute and 11 second lead over the Eddy Families Callisto

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