• July 14th Position Update

    The 50th Anniversary Edition of the Transpac is well underway with all fleet departed and 6 boats retired at this point.
    There is a massive parking lot that has ruined the start for most of Saturdays starters, with the exception of the Multi 70's
    and the two 100' Supermaxi's. We are close to consolidation between the leaders of Fridays starters and the back of Wednesday
    starters. Boats in the front of the fleet are seeing 200nm plus 24 hour vmg and the Mod 70 Argo has seen 270nm vmg in last 24 hours!
    Sadly the majority of Div1 & 2 have barely made 60 miles, but that should change soon as they get into a nice patch of 25knot wind.
    The good news is they should have a more direct course to the islands, the bad news is the pressure that follows will moderate to the mid-teens
    while the lead boats keep steadier pressure.

    Looking at Divisions 1&2, which for the most part have been married at the hip, languishing
    near Catalina for 24 hours with the exception of Comanche and Rio which utilized their massive
    waterlines and sail area to sneak across the dead area before it shut down completely. Comanche,
    at this time check (10:00 HST) is doing 20 knots and Rio a pleasant 16.5. The back of the fleet is
    wallowing in the 3 knot area.

    Division 3 is becoming a run away for Bob Pethick's Rogers 46' Bretwalda 3 humming along a 10 knots
    with 3 hour(?) lead over the RP 45, former Criminal Mischief, now Lady Kanon, owned by Naomichi Ando and sistership
    t Draconisowned by Hiroshige Ikeda. But with missing info from the trackers, exact numbers are unavailable.

    In Division 4, aka the SC50/52 Dave MacEwans Lucky Duck is leading the pack with 1843 left to sail and enjoying
    9.2 knots, but a trio just to the north, Wayne Zittel's Westerly, Scott Deardorff/ Bill Guilfoyle's Prevail and Robert Zellmer's FlyingficheII
    have gotten into some fresher breeze and are in the 9.5 knot range. Way to early to call this division yet!

    The combination of Division 5 and 10, which are neatly stacked together show the same order as yesterday with Tom Barkers Swan 60 Good Call
    leading, Patrick Broughton's S&S 73 Kialoa in 2nd, but trailing by a mere 2 minutes on corrected time and Lowell Poticker's Hylas 70' Runaway
    12&3/4's hours further back.

    Don Jesbergs Viva leads Rodney Pimentel's Azure and Steve Calhoun's Psyche.

    Division 6 has Cecil & Alyson Rossi's Far 57' Ho okolohe out front with Scott Grealish's J-121 Blue Flash correcting out in 2nd
    and Joe Markee's 50' Swede Ohana in 3rd.

    Division 7 has the Chubby Syndicate still in 1st making a nice 8.6 knots with just under 1,500 nm to go.
    Michael Yokell's Oyster 56' Quester about 6 hours back corrected, and Paul Stemler's J-44 Patriot a couple hours
    furth back in 3rd.

    Dean Treadway's steady steed, the Farr 36' Sweet Okole is well versed in this race and leads Division.
    David Gorney's j-105 No Compromise lays in 2nd by about 9 hours corrected and the last surviving
    Hobie 33' Christopher Lemke / Brad Lawson's Dark Starin 3rd.
    Christian Doegl's Swan 461 Free is current leader in Division 9, with Ian Ferguson's Wasa 55' in second
    and Russ Johnson's Jeaneau 52.2 Blue Moon in 3rd. Again, track problems leave numbers suspect at thi time.

    Easily the biggest surprise of the day is the enormous lead that Jason Carroll's Mod 70' Argo has opened up
    on Peter Cunningham's Powerplay and Giovanni Soldini's Maserati. The big move seemed to have happened
    at the west end of Catalina when PowerPlay took a southerly hitch while Argo went west and got into the better breeze sooner.

    At 21.00 UTC on Sunday July 14th, after a slow first day with light wind, Maserati Multi 70 is sailing in the trade wind at an average speed of 27 knots, with full main and gennaker.

    The Team’s strategy to get through the low pressure zone didn’t work as planned: according to the the models, the depression was expected to move further South, leaving a small passage North. This happened 3 hours later than anticipated and Maserati Multi 70 found a blocked path.

    Giovanni Soldini explained: “When the depression moved further South, Argo had just passed the center of the bubble and didn’t have many issues. PowerPlay was only 70 miles behind: they slowed down quite a lot and lost around a hundred miles. In the last hours the situation definitely improved and we started sailing ‘a cannamorta’: now we will fight tooth and nail!”

    The tracking’s positions, updated at 17 UTC, show Maserati Multi 70 2048 miles from the finish line at 29 knots. Argo, in first place, is sailing at 23 knots, 1930 miles away from Honolulu; PowerPlay is 2023 miles away, sailing at 24 knots.
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