• Breaking News: OEX Crew Abandon's Ship, Maserati

    FLASH NEWS – July 15th, 2019

    Maserati Multi 70 collided with a big floating object during the Transpac

    Left side hull’s bow and rudder’s wing are damaged

    Giovanni Soldini and Maserati Multi 70, at 4.30 UTC on Monday July 15th, while sailing at 23-24 knots, collided with a big floating object that damaged the left side hull's bow and the rudder's wing.

    Giovanni Soldini explained: «We couldn't understand what it was, but it was very big, at least one meter high out of the water. It hit the left side hull with great force, severely damaging it, then it glided along the hull and hit the rudder. The fuse system worked, but the object was so big that we lost the outer half of the wing. We had to stop for one hour: we took off the wing completely so we could use the rudder's blade. Now we're sailing with the bow out of the water using the foil: we're waiting for the light to arrive to do a thorough inspection of the side hull - which has 7 watertight bulkheads - to check if there are any holes».

    Maserati Multi 70’s Team and their competitors, MOD 70s Argo and PowerPlay and the trimaran Paradox, set sail from Los Angeles on Saturday July 13th at 12.30 local time (19.30 UTC, 21.30 Italian time) for the 50th edition of the Transpac. In an attempt to sail around the low pressure bubble of light wind, Maserati Multi 70 opted for a northern route, but the conditions expected according to the models occurred a few hours late and the Italian trimaran was delayed.

    According to the positions updated at 4.00 UTC, Argo was sailing in first place at 26 knots, 1680 miles from the finish line in Honolulu, followed 100 miles behind by PowerPlay, sailing at 27 knots. Maserati Multi 70 was following at 27 knots, with 1822 miles to go.


    "The OEX crew experienced rudder issues and had to abandon ship. Pyewacket has picked the crew up and they are all on their way back to the mainland. Most importantly, ALL ARE SAFE. Needless to say, we are incredibly appreciative to Roy Disney and the crew of Pyewacket. We are devastated about the loss of our wonderful OEX. Will post when I have more information. Everyone is still in shock."

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