• July 15 Position Updates

    We have compression and commingling between fleets now as Friday's starters are beginning to
    catch up to the Wednesday starters and some of the Saturday maxi's and Multi's are just blowing right through.
    More attrition as two sled crews are headed back to mainland on Pyewacket, which took on the refugees
    on OEX as you no doubt by now have heard. The wind hole that held most of Saturdays starters off Catalina
    is no just a bad memories and the entire fleet is enjoying water moving under their keels....

    A quick look see at the elite boats of Divisions 1 and 2 show the rapid pace the Mod 70's , and 100's have made in short time.
    Quinten Stewart's Infiniti 46' Maverick is 3rd corrected in division 1, but it way to early to assume anything except
    the race is wide open after the restart.

    Team Yabsley / Compton's Taxi Dancer is the current de facto leader of the sleds, having put up some impressive 24 hour vmg
    all things considered, however with Trevor Baylis and Hogan Beatie and Malcom Park, it's no surprise. And with OEX and Pyewacket
    no longer in the mix, the door is wide open for some fresh podium blood to emerge. Bill Merlin's Merlin is taking a big dive south, so
    they might take pole position soon.

    Division 3 remains under Bob Pethick's Roger 46' Bretwalda 3's leadership with 2 J-125's in hot pursuit,
    Shawn Dougherty / Jason Andrews's Hamachi and Zachery Anderson / Chris Kramer Velvet Hammer have
    now assumed 2nd and 3rd. But this division will be a dog fight the entire way.

    Division 4, aka the SC 50-52's is also a tightly contested group which will more than likely go down to the wire.
    Scott Deardorff/ Bill Guilfoyle's Prevail has current edge, but it isn't much over Robert Zellmer's Flyingfiche II
    or Dave MacEwan's Lucky Duck. Expect bundle of lead/position changes as this group progresses west.

    Apparently, Patrick Broughton's Kialoa still has winning pulsing through her veins and the old Jim Kilroy steed
    loves the downhill sleigh ride as she was designed for. She had assume 1st with Tom Barker's 60' Swan Good Call
    now in 2nd and Lowell Potiker's Hylas 70' Runaway remaining in 3rd in Division 5. The Cal 40's are spreading out a bit,
    Don Jesberg's Viva remains in the lead, with Rodney Pimentel's Azure in 2nd and the Eddy Family's Callisto in 3rd.
    Overall Corrected is a Cal 40 sweep at this point with Viva leading, Azure in 2nd, Callisto in 3rd and Psyche in 4th

    A slight changeup in Division 6 sees Scott Grealish's J-121 Blue Flash the new leader,
    Cecil & Alyson Rossi's Farr 57' Ho okolohe 40 minutes or so behind in corrected and
    Joe Markee's 50 Swede currently in 3rd, 28 minutes further back corrected.

    Division 7 remains Chubasco's domain, with Michael Yokell's Oyster 56' Quester in 2nd
    and Paul Stemler's J-44 Patriot in 3rd. Maybe it's time for the crew of Isla to pop the Raptor
    chute and give the Warrior fans on Chubby some kitemares?

    Division's 8 & 9 are sailing side by side quite nicely and it makes you wonder why they were not
    melded into one group from the start. Dean Treadway's Sweet Okole remains leader of Div 8
    with David Gorney' J-105 No Compromise about 10 hours behind on corrected and
    Christopher Lemke / Brad Lawson's Hobie 33' Dark Star in 3rd. Ian Ferguson's Wasa 55' Nadelos
    has a 6 hour corrected lead over Christian Doegl's Swan 461 Free, which in turn has a 16 minute lead over
    Russ Johnson's Jeaneau 52.2 Blue Moon for 3rd
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