• July 16th Position Update: Multi 70 Take Lead, Compression Continues

    The Mod 70's, lead by Jason Carroll's Argo have emerged as new front runners, devouring the 1st half of the course in 2.5 days,
    despite the very light wind at the start. Pressure looks great for the next few days and landfall for Argo and Powerplay are on the 18th,
    With Comanche arriving the 19th and Rio 100 on the 20th before the floodgate opens this weekend when finish-palooza will ensue!

    Rio 100 leads Division 1 by 6 hours corrected over Comanche and has the best shot at Barn Door. Quentin Stewart's Infiniti 46r Maverick
    holds the 3rd place in Div 1 and 2nd in Div non canters. Tom Holthus's Pac52 Badpak is second in Div 1(1) and after that the subdivision breakdown is
    too convoluted to try and decipher.

    Division 2 shows the Yabsley / Compton Taxi Dancer still shakin what she's got with and 8 hour corrected lead over
    David Clark's Grand Illusion which in turn, has a 10 hour, give or take, advantage of Bill Merlin's Merlin
    Merlin is making some magic though and being the furthest south, looks to capitalize on some stronger wind in the
    next 24-48 hours...


    Bob Pethick's Roger 46' Bretwalda 3 is still the Division 3 leader, but a strong push by the 3 J-125's has closed the gap.
    Shawn Dougherty / Jason Andrews Hamachi is currently in 2nd, Zachery Anderson / Chris Kramer's Velvet Hammer in 3rd
    and Mark Surber's Snoopy in 4th

    Tight racing continues with the 50/52's, Scott Deardorff/ Bill Guilfoyle's Prevail Still leading by about 1 hour over Steve Sellinger's Triumph
    and 2 hours over Robert Zellmer's Flyingfiche II, which is 2 feet shorter. Then things get really tight between, Horizon, Lucky Duck,
    Westerly, Vela and Oaxaca
    . Anyone's race in this division...

    Division 5 has Patrick Broughton's Kialoa II still holds a 2 hour advantage corrected lead over Tom Barker's 60' Swan Good Call
    and has extend her lead to 12 hours on Lowell Potiker's Hylas 70 Runaway
    The Cal 40 Class is seeing a little spreading from front to back, Don Jesberg's Viva remains in 1st with 2 hours plus on
    Rodney Pimentel's Azure and the Eddy Faily's Callisto an hour or so further back

    A shakeup in leaders in Division 6 now has Joe Markee's 50' Sweded Ohana now in front of
    Scott Grealish's J-121 Blue Flash by 22 minutes and Cecil & Alyson Rossi's north bound Farr 57'
    Ho okolohe by 5 hours. We will see if the the flyer towards the rhumbline pays off or not...

    The Chubby Syndicate's 8 hours lead over Michael Yokell's Oyster 56; Quester remains a thing in division 7.
    Status quo for Paul Stemler's J-44 Patriot looking solid in 3rd.

    In division 8, Dean Treadways' Farr 36' Sweet Okole maintains a 7 hour lead over
    Christopher Lemke / Brad Lawson's Hobie 33 Dark Star and 9 hours plus over David Gorney's
    J105 No Compromise

    AND in division 9 Ian Ferguson's Wasa 55 Nodelos has a 7 hours advantage over Russ Johnson's Jeaneau 52.2
    Blue Moon and another 20 minutes over Christian Doegl's Swan 461 Free
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