• July 17th Transpac Position Update: Leaders Knocking On the Door

    The 0700 HST Position Tracker (http://yb.tl/transpac2019#) shows the wild advancement the Mod 70's have made with Argo just 12-13 hours away from the finish
    when adding the 6 hours which have passed since this screen shot was taken. They have been smoking the course with 506 nm consumed in the past 24 hours
    with speed in the very high 20's. Power Play lays about 50 nm behind and Maserati nearly 200 nm behind. Comanche has made her way to the front of monohulls and should break the 500nm
    mark in the next few hours. The fleet has compressed now and the sleds should be caught up with most of the fleet this time tomorrow. Some of the boats are starting to dive south,
    seeing an increased pressure there the next 24-36 hours.

    Jason Carroll's Argo bringing home the bacon has lead from the start....

    In Division 1 Jim Cooney & Samantha Grant's Super Maxi Comanche came all the way from Australia to hopefully set a new record,
    however their 5 Day, 1 Hour, 55 minute and 20 second record established in 2017 will stay put. Manouch Moyashi RIO 100' came seeking
    another Barn Door and, barring any major hiccups, look in fin position to do just that. Meanwhile Tom Holthus's Pac52 BadPak has taken 2nd corrected
    in Div 1, with just less than one hour advantage corrected over Comanche. Phillip Turner / Duncan Hine's RP 66' Alive appears to have a lock on
    Div 1 (2) for 2nd....

    In Division 2, Chip Merlin's Cosmic Bus Merlin is working her magic and pulled up a 344 nm 24hr VMG and is chipping away at the Yabsley / Compton Big Yellow Taxi,
    Taxi Dancer's lead while David Clark's SC 70' Grand Illusion is 1 hour 44 minutes in arrears. Some dubious wind lays ahead for the sleds, and maximizing the
    pressure will be key over the next 24-48 hours. The 1st of the group should arrive next Monday.

    A Split decision is underway in Div 3 with current leader, Shawn Dougherty / Jason Andrews's J125 Hamachi heading up towards the rhumbline,
    following the path of Bob Pethick's Roger's 46 Bretwalda 3 with a 5 hour corrected lead, while the other two J-125's Mark Surber' Snoopy
    and Zachery Anderson / Chris Kramer's Velvet Hammer are diving south seeking better pressure and better angles for the last 1,000 miles...

    The SC 50/52 Division now has John Shulze's SC50' Horizon in the lead with a 1 hour advantage over Robert Zellmer's SC50 Flyingfiche and a 2 hours and change advantage
    over Steve Sellinger's SC 52' Triumph with Dave MacEwen's SC 52 Lucky Duck, Michael Moradzadeh' SC 50 Oaxaca and Scott Deardorff/ Bill Guilfoyle's SC 52 Prevail
    very close behind...

    In Division 5, Patrick Broughton's S&S 73 Kialoa has relinquished some of her lead as Tom Barker's 60' Swan Good Call has had a 35nm better VMG over the past 24 hours,
    while Lowell Potiker's Hylas 70' Runaway maintains her sweep position grasp. 38 minutes corrected separate Don Jesberg's Viva and 2nd place Eddy Family's Callisto in the Cal 40 Division
    and Rodney Pimentel's Azure now in 3rd

    Scott Grealish's J 121 Blue Flash is current leader of Division 6, with Joe Markee, Swede 50 Ohana 1 hours and 12 minute back on corrected while
    Cecil & Alyson Rossi's Farr 57' has been sailing some wild angles and dropped back 7.5 hours off the pace.

    The Chubby Syndicate are really starting to show their stuff in Division 7, extending their lead over Michael Yokell's Oyster 56' Quester by 5 hours and over
    3rd place boat, Paul Stemler's J 44 Patriot by 10 hours. Chubasco is now around 800 nm from the finish.

    Sweet Okole remains leader in Divison 8 with a 3 hour and change advantage over Christopher Lemke / Brad Lawson' Hobie 33' Dark Star and 12 hours
    over David Gorney's J 105 No Compromise. Ian Ferguson's Wasa 55 Nodelos is in a comfortable 10 hour lead corrected over Russ Johnson's Jeaneau 52.2
    Blue Moon and almost 14 hour advantage over the 3rd place Christian Doegl owned Swan 461 Free in division 9
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