• July 18th Update: Mods Done, Comanche Nears 200 nm mark

    Group shot showing Positions 10:00 Hours HST and weather model for next 4 days.
    Comanche is just shy of trippin the 200nm magic wand before we can see her final approach.
    The Mods all finished in the wee hours so we can take them off the books.
    Good wind south of rhumbline for next day or so then a light air patch develops, so boats need to
    be careful not to sail into any holes. Expect some wild lead changes as fleet near the finish

    We will dispense with owner names and boat make at this point, as it has been repeated endlessly for the past week...
    Info in this report 0600 HST

    Division 1 is a nail biter between BadPak and Alive at moment with 3 minutes separating the two.
    Alive with a big 406 nm 24hr vmg since last report.
    Rio can still get the Barn Door AND 3rd in class if she hold her position.

    Div 2:Merlin had best 24hr VMG with 313, trails Taxi Dancer by 2 hours corrected.
    Buona Sera making some noise, may challenge Grand Illusion for 3rd

    Div 3:Hamachi holding on to 2 hour lead over Bretwalda 3 and 2.5 over Velvet Hammer,
    Both of which have had better 24hr VMG's

    Div 4:Lucky Duck closing the gap on Horizon. Flyingfiche fending off Oaxaca by a hair, or 1.5 minutes at this point.

    Div 5: Good Call pouring it on. 239 24hr VMG. Kialoa in danger of slipping into 3rd.
    Div 10: Grey Poupon being passed by Viva and Azure. Callisto bis 208nm VMG
    placement looks suspect.

    Div 6: Fleet spread all over. Blue Flash hold 3,5 hour corrected advantage over Ohana which holds a 3 hour
    lead over Ho okolohe which holds a 3 hour lead over the Baby Giraffe

    Div 7: Another spread out fleet: Chubby just over 600 nm to finish with Quester keeping pace yet 4 hours
    behind on corrected. Patriot's 220nm VMG best of day

    Div 8: Dark Star found a sweet spot and slapped down a 218 nm VMG, 34 better than Sweet Okole
    Div 9: Nadelos with a 196nm VMG now sports a 10 hour advantage over Blue Moon. Free clinging to
    3rd but Traveler making a late charge...
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