• Figaro 3 NF Habitat Sinks During Training Session

    Conveying to Saint-Quay-Portrieux, the Figaro 3 "NF Habitat", led by two team-mates of Corentin Douguet, sank in front of Aber-Wrac'h after hitting at night, an unlit cardinal buoy. The monotype rested, Monday, by 15 meters of bottom.

    Can you explain what happened?

    I was not on board, the boat was in ferry to Saint-Quay-Portrieux, with my trainer and Christian Ponthieu, my teammate, for our participation in the Tour de Bretagne in doubles next weekend. At night, they hit a cardinal buoy, Basse Paupian, which is not lit. An unlit buoy is dangerous. A shoal, we know where it is, but a cardinal buoy has a turning zone. And unlit, we do not see it.

    How did the two team members react?

    Fortunately, there were other Figaro 3 around them. At first, they were recovered by the Figaro "Brittany CMB Hope" before being supported by the SNSM. Aber Wrac'h's canoe tried to tow it but eventually sank.

    Is it the shock with the foil that has resulted in a major waterway?

    I do not think so. If you hit something with a foil and it makes a hole in the boat, it does it in height, above the freeboard. There, the boat sailed flat, engine in the sparkling, so without shelter. In my opinion, it was the side of the hull in front of the foil that had to tear on the buoy at the level of the waterline. That's what I imagine but until we find the boat ...

    Did he sink quickly?

    He filled up with water in a few hours. At first, the water returns quickly, then we have the bridge which is found at the level of the water and as soon as the last air bubbles leave ... It sank in front of Aber-Wrac'h, between the Little Fork and the Libenter.

    Did you think a Figaro 3 could sink?

    Now, we know that there is one that has sunk. Why how ? I do not know, as long as we did not get our hands on the wreck ... There, it rests by 15 meters of bottom and we are in a country where there is current (note: more than 100 tidal coefficient at this time).

    What are the means put in place to recover the boat?

    We are looking for it with divers. Will we manage to get their hands on it? I do not know. Afterwards, it will eventually come out somewhere on a beach, between the island of Batz and Pointe Saint-Mathieu. We will try not to let the boat drag in the water for obvious reasons of pollution and danger for other ships.

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    A Figaro 3, which was cruising off Aber-Wrac'h, sank in the night from Sunday to Monday, having struck not a rock but an unlit cardinal buoy in front of Aber-Wrac'h.
    The all-time heading "Presidents Joseph-Oulhen" of the Aber-Wrac'h Rescue Station is underway to tow the monohull. Reinforcements were requested.
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