• 2019 Jazz Cup: A Toasty Labor Day Weekend Affair

    97 boats in 11 divisions set out from the start just north of Treasure Island with a nice westerly filled in by the 11:00 1st gun
    and marched their way westward to the Red "2" buoy marking the shipping channel edge, before turning north. The wind in the low teens
    was in direct conflict with the 2.5 knot flood that slowed the boats down a bit for the 1st leg.

    Gordie Nash Center Boat Div D

    The strong flood allowed some of the later starters with longer water lines to catch up to the early starters by the 1st mark which was getting quit congested
    as the mid fleet boats arrived. Normally, boat with flat kites would be able set kites and crack off in a hurry, yet most boats kept their kites in their turtles
    for quite some time across the slot, as the NW component was just a bit too much until the Point Blunt bend took hold

    Shadow X passes Red Rock well ahead of the fleet and disappeared across San Pablo Bay finishing at 14:48:24
    for a 02:53:24 elapsed time overall victory

    The westerly would lighten behind Angel Island and the fleet spread out, many digging towards the Richmond Shore anticipating
    better winds away from the windshadow. Peter Stonebergs's modified Marstrom 40 Shadow X would be one of those boats and sailed itself into a wind hole below Southampton.
    But they were nimble enough to see the building wind rolling off the Tiburon Hills and adjust track to roll up the track in a hurry.

    Grinning Bear has lts to grin about after winning Div D

    Other boats never bothered with the kite setting until past Raccoon Strait, instead, enjoying the generous push that the flood was providing, especially in the deep water channel.
    As we float in neutral past Red Rock, the gps was reading 2.5-3.0 knots, strait up the river!

    Nick Degnan's SC 27 Gotcha would take Div F and finish 14th overall

    These downhill upriver events usually sees a lot of congregating near the Brothers to either get better wind coming off of Richmond , current advantage or both,
    bu this year with the wind evenly dispersed and the current hitting its max flood just as the fleet traversed the area, the mass congregation was much less pronounced

    While another Dorian was terrorizing the Bahama's Dorian McKelvy's J-111 MadMen was blowing through the course, winning Div K
    and being the 1st Mono to finish with a 15:35:37 finish time and a 04:00:37 elapsed time

    Darren Cumming's J-24 DownTown Uproar was one of the early kite setters and stayed in the current with enough wind to take Div E
    and 12th overall

    Mark Kennedy's Melges 32' Nukelevee would get a taste of the boats potential, winning Div Q AND being the 1st SBYC Mono to finish, won the Jazz Cup and all that jazz!

    Ben Landon's Thompson 650 Flight Risk would correct out 5th overall and take Div O

    Very warm temps and mild wind and sea state produced a euphoric jaunt up the river and into the Carquinez Strait with all but a couple boats finishing by 17:30 and another
    special end of summer celebration enjoyed in Benicia...

    Other Winners:

    David Ross's Express 34 Traveler Div H

    Jens Jensens' E-37 Snowy Owl Div J

    Bill Roberts Dragonfly 1200 Emma Div R

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