• Rising From The Depths

    Roughly translated from Voiles et Voiliers

    Sank Monday after hitting the cardinal buoy Basse Paupian, Figaro NF Habitat (skippered usually by Corentin Douguet and owned by François Gabart) was found and bailed five days later, this Saturday at Aber Wrac'h! The boat is obviously in a sad state. But at least it is no longer an underwater pollution or a danger to navigation. Divers have recovered everything, rig included! We contacted Corentin Douguet ...

    Good news: the Figaro NF Habitat that sank Monday off the Aber Wrac'h was found, bailed and brought to shore! The boat was located late Friday night by a diving company specializing in research at sea. The bailout and towing operation to Aber Wrac'h, it was carried out yesterday Saturday, after the divers have managed to secure large buoys of several thousand liters to bring it to the surface.

    Major damage caused by the stay in the background
    The boat is now expert on the port of Aber Wrac'h, without one can prejudge anything. Neither if it is possibly repairable, nor in what proportion the visible damages, very impressive, are the result on the one hand of the collision which had caused the sinking and on the other hand of the drift and shocks underwater , about twenty meters deep, for five days of high tides.

    he two sailors on board (the technical coach of the NF Habitat team and the navigator Christian Ponthieu) - rescued by the crew of another Figaro ( Brittany Crédit Mutuel Performance ) and then by the SNSM of Aber Wrac'h - n ' had not left the boat in this state at the time of the sinking, but the submarine stay has badly manhandled the foil monotype.

    Corentin Douguet: "Sad to see him like that, but glad he was found"
    This Sunday, we called Corentin Douguet to ask him for a reaction. Here is what he told us: "I am obviously sad to see the boat in this state, but also glad and relieved that it was found and brought back to shore. At least he is not hanging out and does not pollute the funds. It's a relief, yes. And I really want to thank all those who helped us to carry out this difficult operation and who supported us, there was a real solidarity. "
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