• Charal Takes Le Defi Azimut With PRB 2nd and 11th Hour In 3rd

    Jérémie Beyou &Christopher Pratt aboard Charal take the 2019 Le Defi Azimut finishing in 1D 18h 43min 46s
    with Kévin Escoffier & Nicolas Lunven on PBR in second with 1D 20h 08min 52s elapsed and in 3rd the Franco American team
    of Charlie Enright & Pascal Bidegorry Taking 3rd on 11th Hour Sailing with a time of 1d 20h 45min 47s.

    The following is some excerpts from the social media blurbs and pic are all from the boats respective on board media types

    Charal, first of the 48 h azimut ❗️

    Jérémie Beyou and Christopher Pratt crossed this Saturday morning at 7 am the finish line of the 48 hours Azimut. They have completed the 665 miles of the course they will have taken from start to finish, at the average of 15,58 knots on the line (17,27 knots). Their running time is 42 hours 43 minutes, 46 seconds

    Taking orders as soon as the passage of the island of Groix, Charal has printed its rhythm at these 48 hours Azimut. Very Sharp on the start of the race and credit of more than 6 MILES AHEAD AFTER 3 hours of racing, the tandem-Pratt tandem never failed during the 43 hours of racing. However, the black foiler experienced a fall in diet in the afternoon of Thursday and saw the return in its table 11th hour and prb before the first mark, hard to score throughout the 450 miles of wearing that were to compose The first two edges.

    It is finally by option frankly at the beginning of the last edge to anticipate the rotation of the wind in the south and finish with the right angle, that the black foiler has been able to distance its pursuers So this is the second win without sharing this season for the foiler after its success in August in the Rolex Fastnet race.

    The 48 hours are not the runs. After the chronos that allowed to establish a first ranking of platforms on Wednesday, the sea test now dedicates the most tested and tested machines.
    First "flying" Imoca in history in 2018, Charal has been the subject of a rigorous development for a year now. 11th hour (2th) and PRB (3th) have been rodés for a long time. Their crews are certainly landing in imoca but also went through the Volvo Ocean Race or the great multihulls, a background that allowed them to immediately draw the quintessence of boats that can still win. Master Rooster Iv dates back to 2015 but the very good tandem Bestaven-Jourdain knows him on his fingertips. Heart Initiatives (6th), one of the imoca "Refeatés" that has most sail this year resists well, when Macsf (8th) and Advens for Cybersecurity (10th) all freshly put to the water , follow back... not to mention Arkea Paprec who points beyond the 15th place and maybe we'll find out when he arrived why he couldn't invite himself to the game...

    Nothing but very logical so! Especially after 24 hours of rodeo at the reaching under gennaker then at the carrying under grand spi at more than 21 knots of average. The images of the media men and women show that even under the sun, driving at these speeds with 3 tons of lead hanging under the hull is nothing harmless.

    After the wearing, back to the near...

    And in these muscular conditions, it is to recognize that if Charal leads the ball from Groix, he did not make a fool of previous generations. The performance of Apicil, always fifth tonight, also allows to perspective. Wonderfully LED by the Seguin-Richomme Tandem, this finot-Conq plan dating back to 2007 has found a second youth.

    At 160 miles from the arrival, the battle is in full swing, especially as the return road is strewn with obstacles. The wind that has to blow from the south on the end of the course has invited all competitors to make a counter-board of about fifty miles in this direction before heading back to the house. A tactical placement that does not take into account the mapping and which upset the positions in the afternoon when the first ones hit the road of the late ones still approaching the second mark. But the ranking didn't really move aside from the nice return of popular bank in the top 10 tonight. Charal always controls and seems to take advantage of its southern option, the most marked of the fleet.

    In the game of the differences, the gaps can still increase or fill. The small minimum depression that goes up from the coast channels channel the road in a narrow corridor and low flexibility could generate quite variable conditions tonight.

    If everything goes like on the weather files, the competitors will still shell out tonight, leaders should prepare the island of Groix (which they have to leave on the bow) around 6 PM. End of these 665 miles led drum beating at sunrise.

    🚨 last minute: towards a world without aids gives up. No damage or technical problem for Erik Niigon who has announced his decision to return directly to Lorient for his association obligations.

    Finish Order
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