• Hogin Sails Relocates

    With the Alameda Marina redevelopment starting to take hold, the old Hogin Sails Loft which has been a part of
    Alameda Marina for decades, and founded by Bob Hogin in the early 70's and currently run By Steve McCarthy, who purchased the
    loft a while back when Bob retired, has been climbing the stairs for too long, is moving.

    But fret not. The move is just 100 yards or so to the south where the old Svendsen's Chandlery was.
    The notorious stair leading up to the old loft made getting bolts of fabric and moving large sails interesting
    but the new location will make like much easier for sailmaker and patrons happier.

    And because the building is slated to be demolished, permission to skip the stairs and use a lift to transport
    gear via a new hole in the side of the building was and easy ask.

    Below: The empty former Svendsen's Chandlery is reborn as the new Hogin Sails Loft

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