• Flight Over 30 Knots Off Gibraltar


    After 30 hours of racing, the four trimarans engaged on Brest Atlantiques already evolve off Gibraltar, mostly lining averages around 30 knots and peaks beyond 40. On the program of the second night, a jibe at wedge between the Azores and Madeira before a schuss towards the equator.


    They do not hang out on the way! Carefully departed Tuesday in a very rough sea of ​​Iroise, the four trimarans engaged on "Brest Atlantiques" gradually lengthened the stride at the same time as they released laughs in their mainsail and unfolded the veils of before, enjoying favorable wind angles (north-west) and a gradually flattened sea, conducive to very high speed. The videos of the edge sent by media men well shaken by this introduction more than tonic are quite impressive, between incessant whistles, spray of foam and spikes beyond 40 knots!

    And if the first hours were rather cautious, to the point that two of the four boats, the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild (Franck Cammas / Charles Caudrelier) and Actual Leader (Yves Le Blevec / Alex Pella), have chosen a road more slaughtered in the Bay of Biscay and a passage east of the DST (traffic separation zone) of Cape Finisterre, they are now all in regatta mode, especially at the head of the fleet where the Trimaran Macif (François Gabart / Gwénolé Gahinet) and the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild did not leave the afternoon of Wednesday, with almost the same distance traveled and a very close average (28-29 knots).

    Behind, while they are all off Gibraltar (908 miles traveled in total by the Trimaran Macif in the ranking of 16h), Sodebo Ultim 3 (Thomas Coville / Jean-Luc Nélias) does not drop ground, pointed 54 miles of the leader, while Actor Leader, slowed at the passage of Cape Finisterre in a small area of ​​soft, is pointed to 162 miles. "We started flying since last night, there, we slide at 40 knots, we are in the lead, it's cool. We managed to break nothing in the Bay of Biscay, to find the right compromise between speed and preservation of the boat, " welcomed Wednesday in the day François Gabart in a video sent by his media man Jérémie Eloy.

    The continuation of the program? Routing expert Christian Dumard, who works with the race management, explains: "They are finally getting around the Azores anticyclone from the south in a smooth sea, which is what we call a Seagull wing, then, they will jibe, probably in the night, between Madeira and the Azores, and make full south road to Rio. " Where the first are expected in about 7 days at sea ...

    The word of the race management (Jacques Caraës): "This morning, the wind was still rather uneven in strength and direction, we saw that Leader Leader had fallen into a big soft, but since, it's enough, even very fast, they make a course at 220, about 30 knots average. We did not receive any calls, proof that the boats and the guys are doing well. The next challenge for them is triggering the jibe before heading south. On board, even if the sea is better ranked than last night, it must shake, they are often not far from 40 knots, the media man must hang in these conditions. And there is probably a lot of fatigue, because they probably did not sleep a lot last night and it's hard to sleep when it shakes like that. "

    Jérémie Eloy / Mediaman abord de Trimaran MACIF

    Brest, the gully, the swell, the whistling wind, the sun ... We juggle between the waves, barely a glance at the committee boat, we've already passed the line. In all this noise, François shouts, it's good, good start. And we rush into the south. A dazzling descent awaits us, finally waiting for me especially, because my two friends know her well, but not me.

    They are reassuring François and Gweno, strong in their boots, their eyes focused on these pictures full of numbers ... I do not understand half, but I'm pretending; I look at them too, it reassures me.

    It's banging, it's screaming, the MACIF trimaran is accelerating, a long and vertiginous descent.
    We are beyond 40 knots, it's exhilarating, like riders on their mounts, hair in the wind, smiling ...
    We quickly recognize the end of the descent, the boat is at full speed, it starts to tremble everywhere, the foils vibrate, 45, 46 ... And it falls to better start again.

    I'm filming, that's why I'm here, I spread out as much as I can, where I can, to be stable, to find an angle ... I go down, my office is waiting for me, the service com too.
    I prepare everything thoroughly, when I settle, I miss a cable, he had to slip there, or there, or there ...
    Every gesture becomes superhuman, a little like a summit; every gesture counts, so I return the poufs, and after 10 minutes, I find it and I sweat. I flew 12 times in the hull, and every 3 minutes, I lay down to regain strength.

    My editing sent, I went to see my two friends, always straight in their boots, looking towards the horizon. Everything was fine ...
    I returned pictures in the night, then I slept well. This morning the light was beautiful, I took advantage, then dishes, preparing the meal ... It did not look too bad, at the same time miss a freeze-dried meal ...

    Martin Keruzoré / Mediaman à bord de Sodebo Ultim 3:
    It's almost 24 hours since we left the port of Brest, it is almost 24 hours that we are moving in hostile terrain, through a real mogul field and we are propelled by a wind oscillating between 30 and 40 knots

    The warm up is tough, Thomas and Jean-Luc have not left the waxed and helmets from the start, listening plays in hand, the boat goes south flirting with the 44 knots. On board, life is difficult to organize, the movements in the cockpit are perilous and laborious, the smallest gesture of everyday life here takes three times longer to be executed. Eat in balance or slump on the floor, each his technique. As night falls, it feels more like an amusement park ride than an Ultim trimaran. The strong swell coming from our starboard cross makes the boat's movements unpredictable. It smokes and it knocks, the spray constantly sweeps the cell of life and the waves come to play with the floats.

    In a few hours conditions should be more manageable, enough to allow us to eat our first hot meal for 24 hours. At the time when I close this little message, Jean-Luc comes out of his nap and explains to me that it is impossible to sleep in these conditions when the boat plays leapfrog.

    Yann Riou / Mediaman aboard Maxi Edmond de Rothschild:

    Last night we made the choice to go inside the Finisterre DST. Conservative choice that allowed us to stay on course in the Bay of Biscay. We have therefore shaved the Galician coast! We saw lighthouses, boats and we even had the right to a little 4G. To accompany all that, I made some slices of local ham. It was also at this time that the sea and the wind really calmed down, and that we could eat more normally. The night was still tonic with some maneuvers, high averages and visibility not always on top This morning at the change of quarter, Franck and Charles showed some satisfaction to be at the latitude of Lisbon - or almost. For Franck, "after a cautious start to the race in extreme conditions, we gradually enter a regatta mode!

    Ronan Gladu/ Mediaman aboard ACTUAL LEADER:

    The departure of Brest early in the morning was rather existing, pleasant: Say goodbye at home, friends, family, under applause. But especially surrounded by the Ulteam Actual-Leader As usual, They were all cleats, super pros, in a good mood!

    In the shelter of the harbor, surrounded by all these sailors, semi-rigid at sunrise, that happiness!

    And there, clearly, it was scary for me, accustomed to contemplate this landscape of desolation from the ground, to look for a surf spot in the shelter ... I was clearly out of my comfort zone! It's even more impressive to see the other Ultims roam like toys in the middle of the raging sea.

    Fortunately, Yves & Alex looked relaxed: the white seas and the massive swell offshore, they know!

    Just before the start line, come our last friends of the earth, a helicopter ballet ... that give the scale back to the elements ... especially when some disappear behind the waves: scary !!

    I did not see the military boat committee boat, nor the Western buoy of Sein, which materialized the starting line but I was clinging to my camera.

    Meanwhile, Alex was doing good and cries of happiness at the thought of finally being gone and Yves was well focused at the bar, smiling!

    I first took advantage of this euphoria to make pictures as best as I could, but I was quickly stressed by the surfs of the boat, 32m long ... and especially the top of the ridge waves that went off in big foam : For surfers, it happens when the saturated waves, are too big for the type of spot / background.

    And then we passed the continental shelf ... there it became the roller coaster: 25 knots at the top of the ridge, 38 knots at the bottom of the descent !! Always with 2 reefs in the mainsail, only!

    The moment for me to do an "end-to-end" mini video editing for TV ... About TV, it's been a week that I repeat at each ITV that I never had seasickness.
    You speak ! I did not vomit, but I bad, serious: Can not work on the computer at the bottom of the hold. On the bridge, it's the apocalypse. So I ended up in PLS in my bunk, listening to my guts make good every surf.

    Fortunately, it's going fast, very quickly an Ultim! In 10 hours we were at Cape Finisterre and now, 24 hours later, we are already in Portugal! The sea has calmed down, but suddenly Yves Alex accelerate more and more ... now it's 33nds in the climbs, 40nds downhill! "

    Ronus Jack Kerouac of the sea (haha, it is to take and leave!

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